Humane Endocrinologist needed in either Warwickshire or Oxfordshire

Please can someone recommend a sympathetic Endo in either of these counties? Preferably someone you have seen yourself,and who can think outside the box! If they exist.

I tried to e-mail about this,as suggested on this forum,but unfortunately my e-mail was returned.

Many thanks in anticipation

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  • Hi

    It might help if my email address was spelled correctly! :)



  • Louise...Aha! I will re-send to you now.

    Many thanks for your quick reply. X

  • No 'e' on Warvill I think you'll find.

    If you find a humane endo (anywhere), would you let me know please? I've been flying solo for 18 months now and could do with some back up.


  • I've pm'd you both x

  • Me to!

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