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Wonderful appointment with endocrinologist in Harrogate!

I have just seen a Lovely Doctor privately and what a difference.

I had plenty of time to tell him how I am feeling and ask all of my many questions and he really listened! He has increased my dose of levothyroxine from 25mcg to 50mcg as my GP had refused to once I was 'in range'. If I don't feel better I can return in a couple of months and be reviewed or e-mail him before then.

It has been a massive help to read everyones posts on here and I have been in touch with another member who was able to tell me about this doctor. Funny enough we even met up today by chance as my appointment followed hers!

To everyone still struggling, hang on in there, I know its horrendous but do keep going. If anyone would like this doctors details please private message me as I don't think I can put it on my post. Thank you to all the admins of this site, the information and support you give is invaluable.

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I'm glad the consultation was so positive.

Please email with the name and contact details of the doctor as she may add it to the member recommended list.


Thanks Clutter l will do :)


It is wonderful to have a doctor that's really all about listening and healing or at least effective treatment . What I long for is the day that doctors finally discover how badly they treated us and how many many many people suffered for so many years and how it was all a simple solution that could've been offered .

Question: Can we expect an apology then ?

Question: Are there any doctors that read all that is written here? Such a wealth to be mined.


Please email: <email address redacted> the details of this doctor. Many thanks.

[ For your own safety, please do not post personal email addresses on the forum.

Use the Private Message system .]


Hi, was it Dr Hammond? I am seeing him in a fortnight. Only heard good things about him!


Hi, I'll send you a private message lindsay - not sure if I'm allowed to say here x


Hello sunset lady I'm about to make an appointment with Dr Hammond I have hypothyroidism I've had it 25 yrs and I've got all the symptoms of Wilson temperature syndrome can I ask will I be wasting my time seeing this Dr regarding this please? Many thanks for you help here 😁


Hi Juliem74, l didn't ask him about Wilsons so can't help with that part of your question l'm afraid, however l found him very helpful in getting my levo dose increased when GP refused to. He listens to you and goes by how you feel rather than just blood results. l would go to him again if l needed further help. Having said that it was people on this forum who advised me to supplement B vitamins and try gluten free so l think this forum has also made a massive difference in improving my health.

Could you ask his secretary before booking maybe? 🤗


Thankyou for that I will ring tomorrow 😁


Hope you get the answers you need x


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