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Endocrinologist in ​London


Hi - any recommendations? Private/NHS considered. Please PM over if can. I'm 2 years post TT for Graves', and currently struggling with T4 only meds after multiple different dosages, also lactose intolerant which may be affecting. Thanks! feel free to email also: <personal email address removed>

[ Edited by admin to remove personal email address. We strongly discourage posting of personal details like email addresses, phone numbers, postal addresses, etc. This is for the safety and security of members. You can always pass on such information, if you trust the other person, by Private Message. ]

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I strongly suggest that you remove your email address. Your post has not been locked to this community only so can be seen easily by anyone on the Internet.

hi seaside Susie, can I ask why you recommended deleting Peanut31 email address, I have included my email address when signing up for this site, I'm sent notifications to my email address, is this a good thing or not. I'd appreciate your advice.


SeasideSusieAdministrator in reply to Maggimai

I haven't recommended that Peanut31 removes her email address.

The Original Poster - Sand80 - included her email address in her opening post. I suggested she removes her email address from her post, not from her account. You need it for your account but you should never put your email address on a forum for all and sundry to see.

thank you seasideSusie.

Edit your post, by deleting your email address.

You can do this by pressing the three dots, near the follow button.

Best wishes


Thanks for the edit - prob better idea not to publish email! Anyway, if anyone has any links, please PM me. Thanks!

Could you post your latest results and ranges? We may spot something else isn't right.

Sand80 in reply to silverfox7

Hi - my TSH was 1.62 - FT3 was 5.0 - T4 was 28. I was tested after taking meds so T4 wouldn't be quite as elevated normally. The issue I have is to have enough energy I have to take a certain amount. I have a slightly odd dose schedule of 3 days at 125 followed by 1 day at 100 this is cycled. I would prefer to take exactly the same dose everyday - but would involve switching to TEVA as 125 per day is too high for me I found, hence alternating. On low dose days I often find my energy levels and mental sharpness feel off. This is best I've managed level wise in 2 years+ since total thyroidectomy to treat Graves. I tried in vain to get an endo to prescribe T3 also as a trail. Docs literally act like haven't heard of. I am diagnosed lactose intolerant so would be able to switch to TEVA brand, perhaps 112.5 per day? But I haven't heard great things about it vs one I'm taking now. I wish Tirosant T4 was available in Uk on NHS as I think a pure form would work best. I do know a fair amount about meds but any feedback would be helpful - I've found getting a doc to discuss any other meds outside of standard, pretty poor levothyroxine almost impossible! Sorry for long ramble feel free to message with any thoughts - PM also welcome! :)

I'm sorry but results are virtually meaningless without your ranges as they differ from lab to lab though obviously FT4 is too high!

As an example where I live the top of the FT3 range is 6.8 but I go elsewhere and it's 5.7 so not even close!

Surely the ranges differ but the results are the same no? Whether the range is between 5.7 or 6.8? The range doesn't alter the result or am I wrong? I know both the TSH and T3 are in range - as far as I can remember the FT4 range is up to 22 and T3 up to 6.8 - the TSH is up to 5. If that doesn't help I'll dig out results and repost. Thanks

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