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Finally taking levothyroxin

Hello everyone! I have just been prescribed 50mg levothyrocin daily dosage after being told off by my GP for leaving it so long before I consulted him. But that was after years if being told my blood results were normal. Im 52 years old and I remember as a teenager my mum remarking on the front of my neck looked swollen. I had tests for glandular fever aswell! I carried on "feeling poorly but not ill" for all my adult life :( but as soon as I became pregnant at 39 (after years of infertility) I have been feeling like im on the brink of flu. I told my doctor last week that im fed up of feeling like im only working at 60% of me! My glands in my lower jaw are permanently swollen where as before they used to be my 'barometer' and would swell only if I was ill with a cold etc. I cant remember the last time I felt well. I can't lose weight because I just can't be bothered!! When I read all the symptoms of hypothyroidism its like reading my life story.

I dont have any results to give you but I will be back here with them as soon as possible :) I have learnt soooo much from you guys already!!

Ps. I left it 7 years to go back & when I returned for the blood results he told me "your thyroid function has significantly reduced" .... I dont know who was the more shocked!

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Glad you have been given some help but what a long wait. Glad that you have posted. Lots of help here so good to have you on board.


Thankyou silverfox7 😊


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