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Anyone can help, please?

Hello everyone,

I think I have been suffering with low thyroids all my life. Since a young age I used to get these joints pains that were the worse. I used to seem to fall a lot, too. I developed excessive sweating under my arms and later on feet. I experience weird body odor even after taking precautions of being very careful with my personal hygiene. I have constipation, itchy dry skin, dandruff, weak hair and finger nails.

I have been to so many doctor. My iron level are always low, vitamin D seems to be low too. After going to do many doctor and having had my tonsils removed because they kept me sick, my thyroids levels seem to be a bit low but not enough for medication de doctor says.

I recently went back and demanded more test because since '04 he has been saying all the symptoms are in my head.

Iron, total: 27 L

Transferrin saturation: 8 L

T3 total: 67 L

Ferritin: 8 L

Vitamin D: 22 L

Amongst other things that seems to be out of range

I'm always cold specially my feet. I have a good diet and work out at least 4 day a week. I found a doctor that's willing to start me on 15mg of armour.

Any input ?


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Hello Vic12,

Welcome to our forum. I am sorry to hear that you have been so unwell for so long.

You sound as if you know about thyroid issues, seem to be suffering from being under medicated, but don't mention if you are medicated.

Can you please post recent thyroid hormone and vitamins blood test results complete with ranges (numbers in brackets).

Also please advise of any present thyroid meds and dose.

It is horrid having all these symptoms going on but they should get better once you are properly medicated.

Why do you want to go straight onto Armour?



Just to add to Flower's post, please include units of measurement as well, when you post results. Thanks.



Thanks for replying!

My most recent test.

Iron: 27 L range (40-190mcg/dl)

Transferrin saturation: 8 L (11-50%)

Ths: 2.3 (0.40-4.50miu/l)

T3 total: 67 L (76-181ng/dl)

Ferritin: 8 L (10-154ng/dl)

Vitamin D, 25-OH: 22 L (30-100ng/ml)

Thanks all


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