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Hi All just a wee post I really wanted to share in the hope that it brings some hope and cheer to all who are struggling with Thyroid problems.

Well had my return appointment with the GP AND (drum roll) the doctor informed me I have the best thyroid results I HAVE EVER HAD IN 12 YEARS!!!!!!!! He was delighted and said that although he could not condone my taking NDT he thought the outcome was a win win situation and was very impressed with the results.

10 years on Levo, 5 months on NDT. I feel really good and would like to take this opportunity to thank Clutter and co on here for their help and advise . xx

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  • Great news . So happy for you , always good to hear of someone recovering there health ...hopefully a wake up call for your gp about other tablets available other than levothyroxine ☺

  • Ps ...clutter is fantastic ☺

  • Thank you, Lola xx

  • That's great, so happy for you,

    I have been on levo. for over four years but I am now thinking of self treating with NDT, I am just a little frightened to take the plunge so it's nice to hear you are doing well on it.

    Best wishes browny

  • Absolutely nothing to be afraid of Browny except running out of it.

  • Thanks Heloise for your reassurance.

  • flower1lassie2,

    You are an inspiration to us "thyroidys" who are too scared to self medicate. Thank you for sharing and well done for your courage and determination.

    Flower 007

  • Flower1Lassie2, that's good news. How nice would it be if your GP discussed the improvement in your health amongst his colleagues.

    Thank you for your kind comment :)

  • Are you buying your own NDT or is the nhs paying? If you are buying your own no wonder the doc is happy, he has a well patient and its not adding to his costs!

    How are you feeling after 5 months on NDT? I felt better as each month went by and after about a year I was great. 4 years on I would not go back to the synthetics. still haven't told my doc though :-(.

    Xx. G

  • Yes I am buying my own and I also feel better and better on it as each month passes, I am just so grateful to find something that works for me and to finally be able to show my family and friends the proof if you like that my out on a limb decision to try something out with the NHS , they are lost for words , me,I'm just happy x

  • This is great news! Now that your GP is on side it might be worth reminding him that he can prescribe NDT to you on a Named Patient basis. See the Thyroid UK website for more details. Good luck!

  • I'm a bit new to this approach. I'm still on Synthroid and have been for almost 19 years now. Been having a lot of hypo symptoms coming back this past year. Question: did you stop your synthetic and go strictly to the NDT? How do you know how much to take and lastly where do you buy it and what brand (I'm in U.S.)? How does your doctor not know you are taking this? I would think he/she would wonder. Thanks.

  • Hi , I stopped taking the Levo for a week before I started taking NDT just in case there were any conflicts then I started taking 1/2 grain twice a day in two dozes then after 6 weeks another 1/4 grain then after 6 weeks another 1/4 grain as you have to slowly increase the dose so your body gets used to it and using private blood tests to judge what I needed to do to reach optimum health for me . I buy it from a U.S. company via Internet , brand it Nature Throid. Regarding the GP question see my other posts under heading Oops you need to explain yourself to the Doctor

  • But it states on websites that a prescription is required. How in the world did you get around that?

  • This is a UK-focussed forum. For us, we cannot buy prescription-only medicines from pharmacies in the UK without a prescription. But we can (legally - with a few exceptions) buy prescription-only medicines for the use of ourselves and our household, from any pharmacy outside the UK that is willing to sell them to us.

    That means we in the UK can buy from pharmacies located in the USA without prescription.

    I was under the impression that there is a similar (though surely somewhat different) legal situation in the USA - though maybe some variation from state to state and exclusions may be different.

  • Had no idea that you abroad could do that. Maybe Mexico but I'm not sure. I know we can't State to State that I know of and Canada either.

  • Excellent, flower. Thanks for writing about your experience. I hope others will at least have the courage to try NDT if they are having difficulty with synthetic T4. I hope it keeps up for you.

  • Great news and opens the doctor's eyes. Imagine a patient taking levo for 12 years and now nearly back to normal health within months of taking a thyroid hormone replacement developed around 1892. Yet, the modern endos have turned their backs in favour of one that gives the pharmaceutical companies large bucks plus the additional prescriptions for the 'symptoms' and many patients who remain unwell.

  • Brilliant news, thank you for sharing!

    I told my GP yesterday I'd switched to NDT. I'd been worrying needlessly as he was very accepting of my decision and offered to continue checking bloods.

  • Excellent! Really good to hear this Flower1lassie2! :) Hope you don't mind but I've popped in to your post in order to place it into the new 'Success Stories" category. I'm sure others will be spurred onwards and upwards by reading upbeat, positive posts like yours :)

  • Wonderful news, Hallelujah

    bless, i am so happy for you Flower1lassie2! :) smiles

    all around

    now you can live life at the best of who you are

  • Can I please ask what made you change from levothyroxine to NDT and why you changed. Also won't GP's give us NDT is we ask for it? I am recently diagnosed and on levothyroxine but am finding all these posts a bit overwhelming as my know,edge is so limited on underactive thyroid issues. Your feedback would be helpful. Thank you

  • The reason I changed was for 10 or so years I had been treated with Levo and couldn't seem to feel well the catalyst for my change was that my step daughter ended up with a thyroid condition out of the blue and she was treated with totally different medication (linothyrine and Armour) even although we were seeing the same endo!!! When I asked to try same type of meds he told me it was just a placebo effect although she got well really quickly so really that made me do research to see what was available elsewhere and in the end I was so desperate living a crap existence that I decided to try NDT much to the horror of my friends and family .What can I say except it worked for me might not work for everyone, but I' m thankful for it. I have Hashimotos . Hope you feel well soon x

  • Philly2748 forgot to say a lot of the weird symptoms I had on Levo , lack of brain communication , lethargy , sleep, general dullness these things all disappeared rapidly after I started taking NDT

  • Thank you for explaining, it is always good to hear positive feedback and I am pleased you are feeling a lot better, long may that continue for you.

  • Hooray for you lassie! I'd like to add the same, to anyone scared to take the plunge, go for it. & much love & thanks to all the people who saved my life last year xxxx

  • Glad you are also feeling well x

  • I'm very pleased for you. Keep up the good work

  • How much NDT are you now on?

  • 2grains split into 2 doses per day

  • Yes no probs I will be happy to supply my info, hopefully tonight x

  • Serum Free t4 10.8 pmo1/L. 9.0-21.0 U

    Serum TSH level 1.30 mU/L. 0.20-5.00 U

    Free t3 level. 5.5 pmoI/L. 3.1-6.8 U


    10st 4lb

    2grains (spilt into 2 doses per day)

    Nature Throid

    Hope this info helps others x

  • Yay for you!!!!!

  • So great to hear your success story with NDT . I am close to trying it myself but giving Nutri Thyroid a go first as directed by Dr P

    I will read your test numbers with interest . Best wishes

  • Hi are you taking armour if so, where r u getting it from. I was much better on armour.

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