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Thanks to this wonderful forum and the letter i printed off that Louise emailed me. I went to my docs armed with the knowledge that my TSH @ 3.46 and my T4 @ 12.3 were not correct. My doctor actually listened to me, read the information and changed my Levo from 150mcg to 200mcg. So fingers crossed i will start to feel more normal soon (whatever that is lol).

Thanks so much

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Excellent news! :)


Thanks Louise


Good news. It makes a change from doctors just ignoring the information and let the suffering continue.

Please note that Dr Toft also says that some of us need a low or suppressed TSH (or the addition of some T3). Ignore his awful comment which is what some doctors really think.

If you find you are still struggling with symptoms after a decent period on your new dose, ask for some T3 to be added on a trial basis.


Thanks I will do. Have to go back in 12 weeks for blood test, so will see what that reads and how I feel. Thanks for your advice though 😀


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