Feeling alive again!

So.......I made the decision to source and self medicate T3 and after a week I now feel ALIVE!

I've not slept this well in over 10 years, I don't seem to feel the absolute exhaustion at 3pm and I'm happy and can actually laugh again!!!

I'm now taking 125mcg levo and 50mcg T3 split (25mcg morning and 25 arvo) I was on 200 levo

I know it's only been a week but how I'm feeling right now is how I should've been feeling the past 10 years!

Hopefully it will continue 😊

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  • Sounds like quite a big dose to start with - it is normally suggested to start low and slow. 50 mcg T3 roughly equates to 150 T4.

    Really good you are feeling better - try not to rush things ...

  • I started with a quarter of a tab twice a day but felt no difference and will slowly keep reducing my t4 as t4 levels were high after bloods.

    I will get bloods again soon to make sure everything is ok!


  • i am not anti T3 - I take it myself. However over the years on this forum we do read of people who try to rush it and then crash ... Nothing is a quick fix when it comes to health :-)

  • I'm glad you're feeling so good. It is amazing when it happens. Always take your pulse/temp several times a day. If for any reason your pulse is too fast, drop dose down slightly.

  • Thanks for advise

  • Where did you get your T3 from? I might have to go down this route too 😄

  • I'll pm you

  • I'm looking for a source of T3 too. Could you pm me too please?

  • I've sent you a PM too.

    We call our daughter Bellaboo!

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