Is this part of Fibromyalgia?

Lasts Tuesday I fell over onto my hands and knees and grazed my chin and nose. I didn't seem to feel too shook up but about four days later I started to ache all down the righthand side of my body. Also I feel tired and generally unwell.

I have noticed before that if I exercise the aches start about two or three days later. Anyone else experience this.

By the way I am 71

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  • Welcome Sylvia to our forum,

    You haven't filled in your profile so I don't know whether you have been diagnosed with hypothyroidism, hyperthyroidism or fibromyalgia.

    I am very sorry you fell the other day so I reckon (guessing) you may have a thyroid gland problem.

    Have you had a diagnosis from your GP? Has he provided medication? What one? What dose?

    Have you had a recent blood test for your thyroid hormones? If so, get a print-out from the surgery with the ranges and post them on a new question.

    Your information will be helpful for members to comment on your question.

    P.S. I fell a couple of times before I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism.

  • Thanks I have now filled this in. Hope I have done it correctly.

  • Hi Sylvia22

    I couldn't see your Profile so think you have forgotten to save it. Not the first time this has happened. It's so very easy to do.

  • I have filled this in again and clicked save changes but it doesn't work.

  • I haven't a clue Sylvia why this has happened and it is a nuisance for you in particular. Maybe just put your details somewhere on this page and then later click the help button and send an email to HU maybe not today as you will be tired as well as typing it twice.

  • Thanks Shaws. I am picking up a copy of my blood test results today. Thanks for your suggestion.

  • I'm just wondering if you'd had your B12 levels tested recently Sylvia, as one of the many symptoms is loss of balance. The onset of deficiency is quite subtle, as I realised after a relative was discovered to have a serious deficiency and I later found my lesser symptoms were relieved by taking Jarrows B12 5000 mcg sub lingually. If you think you might be seriously deficient though, it would be better not to take supplements or you'll skew the test results.

    Thyroid and B12 deficiency is often interlinked and symptoms can overlap. One of the problems is stomach acid, which reduces as we get older, and this can cause malabsorption of many vital nutrients, including B12.

  • I actually fell because I tripped on my trousers which were too long.Must be .more careful. I think my B12 is OK since I recently had all my bloods checked and they came back normal.

  • Hello Sylvia - when your GP says NORMAL - he usually means - in range. Where your results are in the range is so important. Can you obtain copies of your Thyroid and other test results and post in a new post with the ranges. Then we will all rush to help :-)

    For example the range for B12 is from 180 - 900 - although labs do vary. GP's are happy if your result is 200 and will tell you that you are NORMAL. Sadly not. I have read that you need B12 to be around 1000 to prevent cognitive decline in those of us that are older ! ( Sally Pachlok - Could it Be B12 ? ) Anything under 500 can be the cause of neurological symptoms.

    Will look out for your posts !

  • I so agree Marz. Since taking B12 supplements, I feel so much sharper - no more fumbling for the right word - younger in mind and body!

  • I am struggling with sciatica - however after yoga today I had my B12 jab done by one of the girls. By this afternoon the pain was so much less. I still take the Methyl tablets as well - just to make sure - and the Thorne Research B complex.... :-) Do I rattle - YES :-) I really can notice the difference as I normally have them weekly - however I have not had one for 4 weeks as my yogini was not able to come to class ! Always an upside to everything....

  • Sorry Sylvia - B12 probably OK, but I agree with Marz about test results and the need to be over 1000.

    Can empathise with the fall and hope you recover - I tripped on a tuft of grass on holiday last year and ended up looking like a victim of abuse with swollen face and black eye....then fell on a rabbit hole walking on the cliffs! I'd never fallen so much before or since!

  • Hi Sylvia

    Info here which might help with making sense of the tests :)



  • thanks Louise

    I have just ordered a copy of my results.

  • Sylvia, fibro pain is usually constant and whole body. I think you may have shaken yourself up after your fall. Aching after exercise is common if you overdo it and don't warm up and cool down as part of the exercise.

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