Is this even possible!?


Just been increased from 75 mcgs daily to 75 mcgs and 100 mcgs alternative days. I swear on the days I take 100 mcgs I feel more energised than I do on the 75 mcgs days. If I'd seen this posted I would have thought it was down to the placebo effect. Now I am not so sure!

I will not be offended if you tell me not to be so daft!


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  • In my book, entirely feasible.

    Do also consider that you are probably taking (50 + 25) one day, (100) the next - and there could be a difference in make(e.g. Actavis/Mercury/Wockhardt) - or even within a make - leading to slightly different absorption.

    Have been reading thyroid experiences for enough years to believe almost anything is possible! :-)


  • Thank you Rod. I must admit that I hoped that you would reply.

    I am taking 75 mcgs Mercury Pharma (50 + 25) and the 100 is Activis. I think I have always felt best on Activis but my surgery just seems to give them at random. Perhaps I need to ask for Activis.

    Hopefully I can persuade my doc that I need 100 mcgs daily. TSH 2 at last test last week and she was worried that 100 each day would send me hyper!

    I think I might be on the right track at last.

    Thank you and I hope you enjoy the rest of this weekend.


  • I enjoy every weekend when I read someone is feeling somewhat better! :-)

    Best thing, in my opinion, is to ask the pharmacy rather than the doctor. If yours is a dispensing surgery, then they too should try to help. Make sure you put in for your repeat nice and early so that you can say you will wait for them to get stock of the one you want.

  • Mine is a dispensing surgery. I will do that. Thank you.:) Do activis do 25, 50 and 100?

  • They do not do 25 - but you could split a 50. Not the best idea but if they are better for you, then possibly worth doing.

  • Fool I am! I know they do 50 and 100 because I have had them! Do they do 25?

  • Thank you Rod, I will consider that. :)

  • Hi babe, Have a chat with the pharmacist, let them know that you do better on the Activis and ask is it possible for them to order the brand for you. Mine does it with the omeperazole I need to take. Dr Reddys is great for me, but the generic stuff, well I may as well not take it, so they get Dr Reddys in for me

    Ann xxx

  • On days when I accidentally took my thyroxine twice (I used to take it in the morning and then sometimes accidentally took it again instead of ibuprofen!) I definitely felt better in myself and I think the extra thyroxine had more of an effect on my joint pain than the ibuprofen!

  • Well that is so good to know. My joint pain comes and goes. Some days I have shooting pains, aches and twitches, and the next day nothing at all. I couldn't really understand that. So the extra thyroxine can have quite an immediate effect on that. I will keep an eye of which days are best for me. I reckon I know that already!

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