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GP Referral letter advice

Have learnt so much since joining this site, thank you everyone. I've realized no one is responsible for my health except me so I've decided to go back to university next week and move to a new GP in the local area as I'm getting no where with the one appointed by the university. I'm thinking of getting a referral letter from my family GP back home (overseas) and wondering what needs to be written in it so that my new GP (still to be found!) takes my health issues seriously, instead of just fobbing me off! I have Hashimotos, PCOS, and currently taking T3 and T4. Do I need to say I've been seen by an endocrinologist previously or Hormone specialist and say that I might need monitoring by a similar person in the UK? Anything else I should put in the letter?

Thanks in advance!

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There are some sample letters in the Stop The Thyroid Madness Book. However the website of the same name may also have them....


Thank you, have just ordered the book but in meantime will look on website!


Your overseas GP should definitely write in this referral letter to your new as-yet-unfound GP, that you need both T3 & T4 to be well; just in case when you run out of T3 here, you are not just fobbed off with T4.

Your overseas GP needs to also write in his letter that you have always been monitored by an overseas endocrinologist , and please would the new GP refer to an appropriate UK endocrinologist?

I think it will make a difference, however, if you pay for a private referral to an endocrinologist of your choice, and just ask the new GP for a referral letter. GPs are more keen to do this as it doesn't come out of their practice budget :)


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