Any advice/opinions on these lab results

Any advice/opinions on these lab results

Hi All,

My sister is due at her Endo appointment next Tuesday, so I'm hoping, those of you more knowledgeable than I of these readings, could run a more experienced eye over her lab result history to date. (Well, actually her current results are with the Endo, so she hasn't seen those yet.) I'm hoping you all can give me your views/opinion/advice on these prior to her appointment.

She has done it as a word doc / diagram incdlg her TSH, T3, T4 results to date to help her understand & remember whats what ?!* (which I've switched to picture format 'cos I couldn't see how to attached a document on here . . . hope you all can read it).

I know some of you may have pertinent questions to ask on other blood results and symptoms. I'm hoping she will email me her spreadsheet record of these when I come back on here later to check in. Thanks for reading my post.

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  • Tickle, Neat diagram. Very readable. Your sister's TSH was previously too high and her FT4 and FT3 too low. Her latest TSH is good, hopefully her FT4 and FT3 will have improved since Dec too. I always ask my endo for my results and he usually reads them to me but occasionally hands me a printout.

  • We always nag my sis to be sure she gets a copy of the results and make her go back if she hasn't or comes away with only a partial printout :D

  • I think she needs a boost for her T3 to improve some of the symptoms she is struggling with such as psoriasis, mind fog, short term memory lost and painful joints. I think if she could get some relief from those she could cope with and be better able to readjust and manage her life style. But when your mind has to wade through treacle and without any fog lights, just remembering to keep her lists of things to do and need to know update can sometimes be a struggle.

    She says her mobile phone is her life, because everything is on it, meds, results, history, symptoms, etc. (it's pandemonium when she forgets where she put it). She was quite entertaining when she thought she'd left it in a cafe and caused such a fuss among staff and customers trying to find it and then realised it was in a pocket on her that she doesn't normally use :D

  • from my limited knowledge -- in laymans -- t4 is the facilitator , ie the delivery truck , t3 is the item needed other words your t4 may well be optimal , but if your t3 is out of line your organs will not receive the goods and therefor will not be able to work effectively and will/may work against yourself , therefor other health problems will occur .....alan xx

  • Tickle, your sister's FT3 was very low but should have improved as her TSH has come down. Hopefully she'll get an updated FT3 from the hospital and we can advise then.

  • Clutter, she should get the lab results tomorrow. I'm crossing my fingers and toes because her last FT3 had actually shown a drop from the previous one. Will no more tomorrow.

  • hi ther tickle , from the knowledge that I have gained from the superb site is that basicly for optimum treatment your tsh needs to be LOW , your t3 &t4 need to be in the upper levels of the range . but from our own experience you need to have follate and vitd3 as well as vitb12 levels checked and adjusted/medicated as needed to actually get to your own optimal health level...... I am sure if I am jumping the gun here someone will correct my understanding of these basics ......alan x

  • Hi alangardner, yes I think I read somewhere, maybe on here, that even if your B12/D3 are within "normal" range, that you still need to take extra as her T3 is still at the bottom of its range.

  • ..normal is an opinion - not a result :-)

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