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Help please?

Hello all

I'm really hoping someone can give me some advice. I have underactive thyroid (diagnosed approx 7 years ago) and now take 125mcg Levothyroxine. I honestly don't feel as though it's doing much. My weight has crept up, hair gone really fine and just sick of generally feeling unwell. I get one throat infection after another, often feel achey and terrible IBS. I'm at the point of wanting to see private Endo specialist and wondering if anyone can recommend one. I have done a little research and see there is an Thyroid Clinic in Harley Street. Has anyone been? If so did it cost a fortune? I live in the North East but have family in a London so traveling there isn't a problem. Hoping someone can help.



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When you posted a year ago - shaws gave good advice about having your vitamins and minerals tested - also the Thyroid Profile. Just wondered if you did that and what were the results with ranges ? Also another person suggested you posted your thyroid results with ranges in a new post :-)

Before you start spending HUGE lumps of dosh at a Private Clinic I would seek the advice of the very knowledgeable people here. If your FT3 is low for instance then your IBS symptoms will not be relieved. The gut has the second highest amount of receptors for T3 after the brain

So post all those results with ranges and the advice will come pouring in... :-)


Many thanks for the reply. I did go back to my GP and he more or less told me I was talking rubbish and refused more tests! I even offered to pay. To be honest and without going into my life history, my health took a bit of a back seat last year as my Mum was really ill. I now have a new GP who will carry out tests but again knows nothing about other treatments and suggested that I go down the private route. I will hopefully get the tests done really soon and post the results on here.

Thanks again, really appreciate it :)

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You could have the tests done through the post with Blue Horizon - as shaws suggests - and then we could help you when you post the results with ranges. Cheaper than going to Harley Street :-)

Are you taking any supplements at the moment ?


Sorry..meant to say, no I'm not taking any supplements at the moment as I was told they could skew results? x

Reply only aware of the B12 being one that makes the testing invalid. It would be good to see where you are in the ranges. Being low can explain so much....

Hope all goes well...


Hi Amanda,

You sound like me when i was on the Levo. It did nothing for me and in fact it made things worse after I was taking it for a couple of years. I found a doctor in the alternatives medicine field and I then was put on Armour and was doing so much better. I don't take Armour any longer as I couldn't get my shipments from Canada, but my doctor put me on Nature Throid and I'm getting leveled now. I also am taking iodine, which plays a big role in underactive thyroid. Also, B-12. I need to get some iron tablets too. But I wanted to let you know my situation as it sounds very similar with you. I have the same thing you have. So you might want to try going a different route, Honey.

Take care of yourself and keep us posted!!!



Thank you for your kind reply. I'm going to have tests ASAP and take it from there. Will let you know xx

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When you get your blood tests, have them at the earliest. and leave approx 24 hours between your dose of levo and the blood test otherwise it can skew the results. Ask also for Vitamin B12, Vit D, iron, ferritin and folate or get them privately. I will link you to labs who do these and Blue Horizone give a small discount if you put TUK10 ref. Free T3 is a good one to have as GPs/labs don't do it if TSH is o.k.

Get a print-out with the ranges and post on a new question. We have always taken the doctors advice previously but we cannot do that with hypothyroidism otherwise we might never get really well. We have to read and learn for ourselves.


Many thanks for all your replies. I appreciate it so much and am going to look into the private tests ASAP. xx


Mandymoo8 if you go please let me know how you find it because I'm not very happy with my GP here in Brighton !


Hi Angybaby9. Will do....I've heard Paul Jenkins at the Thyroid clinic is really good. Either way I'll post here.


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