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Thyroid ultrasound

Afternoon everyone. I just had an ultrasound on my thyroid.

I've been complaining of the usual hashi pain symptoms since about January but my energy levels/ other symptoms have been much improved by the addition of t3. I thought I could live with the raw pain/ discomfort with my thyroid but after weeks it ground me down.

Anyhoo I just had an ultrasound and he said it looked "scroty" and had "taken a battering" but couldn't see anything untoward. That's obviously a good thing but then what is causing this pain and how do I make it stop?

He's sending them to the endo but didn't ask about next steps.

Any experience/ advice/ stories/ jokes? Xx

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Pennyrose, I'm guessing 'scroty' means shrivelled :-D The fact that your thyroid has been battered by an autoimmune attack is the likely reason for the pain. Hashi's eventually atrophies the thyroid gland until it is incapable of producing hormone.

Suppressing TSH sometimes suppresses Hashi attacks. You'll need to discuss that option with your endo. Gluten-free diet also helps reduce Hashi flares and antibodies in some members and may be worth a try.


I'm going to prep over the weekend and try gluten free properly next week. Mentally it feels like a challenge particularly since I travel so much with work (which makes eating properly hard enough!).

Thanks so much x


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