End of days came

Well it had been building and building . The anxiety the absolute hopeless way I was feeling and on Thursday I rang all my adult kids to say good bye fully intended to take every tablet in my home so I could be at peace. So next thing doctor arrives and she asks WHY? I looked at her and just said I am tired of fighting you the hospitals every one . I had my tablets took away from me which were given to my son to look after . I had mental health team come see me all telling me I am suffering pdsd????? Hello this is a new take o. Graves I thought . Because my last blood tests were normal they have decided it has to be a mental health problem. . Still left wondering xxxxx

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  • That's just awful, I'm so sorry you feel this way. I think we can all relate the feeling of not knowing when it will end and just want it to stop.

    Do you know your latest results? Maybe we can help. Did you get vitamins and minerals tested?

    And you know, it could be a mental thing, that's really not strange knowing what you have to go through.

  • Oh wendypartridge.

    There are just no words strong enough to say how terribly sorry I am for you to feel so desperate. It was luck or fate that the doctor arrived just in time. Mind you, I don't think much of their diagnosis either. I don't know how far we have to go in our fight for proper testing or medication but remember we are all in this together and I expect many on this forum have had thoughts similar to yours at some time or another.

    Life is difficult enough without being continually knocked back but remember we are all here for you and you can guarantee on full support.

    (( Big hugs to you wendypartridge ))


  • Thank you for your support it helps so very much ..big hugs too

  • Hello, wendypartridge. I' so sorry, I know exactly where you're coming from, the desperation you feel and of talking and Not being listened to. I saw my gp yesterday told her I had been in bed for a week, not seen anyone, feeling suicidal. She asked if I had any set plans and had I left a note, No to both, 'Oh, good'. She then put my Sertraline up from 100mg to 150mg. I couldn't be bothered to tell her I don't take the damn things any more. (I did tell her before, but she didn't listen. I take NDT but sure my adrenals are not working properly). None of them have a clue. If your son doesn't understand, and automatically listens to the doctor, as my soon to be ex husband did. Maybe ask him to sit alongside you and read this forum and the information available on Thyroid Uk and other sites/links and discuss it with him. I hope he is willing to learn and joins your fight. I wish you well.


  • Fool doctors. You say your feeling suicidal and because you never wrote a note she ups your tablets . Honestly it makes me so angry . Thank you for your story thou it helps in a good way ...big hugs

  • Hi - I was in a bad way a few years ago (I'd been ill for 14yrs) and got no help from the Drs. I really wanted to give up but I decided to fight and sort it out myself. I read my med notes found out that all my results where at the bottom of the normal range yet I could not function at all. This gave me the initiative to continue.

    Check out Thyroid UK, Stop the Thyroid Madness, The root cause (thyroid pharmacist).

    I would advise you to consider getting a copy of your results (I got a big shock when I read mine but it explained an awful lot) and look at the following:




    Also consider your diet - some people are intolerant to certain foods.



    It is a lot of info (and probably the last thing you want to read) but for me I found that I could slowly chip away (even though it was overwhelming) and try and figure things out from there. There are plenty of things to look at and I found that once I got my thyroid, adrenals, sex hormones and diet OPTIMAL my symptoms REALLY IMPROVED. Sorry for the caps but just want to say that things can change.

    Take Care

  • Thank you for the support. It helps a great deal xxx

  • Oh, Wendy, I am very sorry you were so low that you couldn't see any light at the end of the tunnel.

    It is no surprise sometimes when we feel so unwell and nothing the doctors do seem to be able to alleviate our distress.

    Have they taken a Free T3 blood test?. Are they keeping your TSH 'in range' rather than 1 or below? Do you have a print-out of your latest blood test results? If so get a copy and post for comments. I know you had Graves but am not sure whether you are now hypo.

    Does the doctor and the mental health visitors know or aware of the fact that if we cannot convert levo to sufficient T3 (the brain contains the most receptor cells) that it could be due to the lack of T3 that keeps us unwell.

  • Hold in there. So many of us here gone/going through similar situations. We have each other. And you know what is going on unfortunately we need doctors to help us. I'm trying to learn myself so just writing to give a hug and a bit of support. X

  • Wendy, I'm so sorry about what is happening to you. I know the adrenals are very involved with anxiety. If you can learn how it works, you may be able to either request your doctors for specifics or even help yourself. Pettals posted this great video a few weeks ago and I have reposted it many times because Dr. Bergman gives such wonderful explanations and you will see why doctors are not able to help. Take time to watch it please.


  • I will watch it now thank you

  • I've watched many of his videos and find them all very helpful. If you would like to see them, just click the youtube icon at lower right. He has a whole series on thyroid.

    Your adrenals need vitamin C and magnesium in the meantime. I'm very sorry that GPs have allow you to deteriorate, it really is a disgrace. Hang on.

  • I'm so sorry Wendy ..I've been there too , it's all sometimes too much I know ..but we understand .. come on here and read as much as you can tell us if you feel awful ....you can tell us anything as at least one of us has done it or felt it .

    We will help you find a way through this..education shows us a way through all this ...I'm sending you big hugs and hoping my words have helped you ..xx😚

  • So sorry to hear this. This wretched condition affects so much of one physically and mentally. One gets sick and tired of being sick and tired. I do hope you get the help you need.

  • I was in exactly the same place a few years back Wendy; in fact it all blew up more than once. I did actually take a (small) overdose as a cry for help but was ignored by every medic. I had been diagnosed mega underactive thyroid in 1981. The first time (1994) I took myself into a psychiatric unit & their conclusion was "no psychiatric illness". The second time I was an out-patient for 6 weeks under a psychiatrist; his conclusion was "no psychiatric illness; it's endocrine". But my GP still did nothing different. It all carried on & on and eventually I did what they suggest here - try to read read and read to take control of your own health. Dr P had already said I couldn't convert T4; and eventually it turned out my T3 was much too low. I very much doubt you have a psychiatric condition - the thyroid plays havoc with your head if underactive. I'm now the best I've been for decades; having doubled my T3 dose. Very best wishes and good luck; big hugs.

  • Thanks for the support xx

  • Hope you can use this groups love and support to keep your head above water. You Are worth keeping alive. I understand personally how hard this is to remember when you are in the pit of despair, and that you are not sitting thinking hopeless thoughts bringing yourself down further-this is me so often, the misery comes out of the blue, i'm convinced it's 'chemically/hormonally' caused so not my own doing. I listen to Podcast meditations, mostly to get me to sleep, with positive affirmations reminding my subconcious brain why I deserve my place n the world, just like You do! hugs xxx 💐

  • I agree about hormones . But at times its like I am nuts and the doctors treat me as so xxx

  • I saw a psychiatrist just to 'shut my gp up', she said she wasn't surprised I was having problems eating, & told me he'd referred me as he thought I had annorexia, couple of months afterwards gp asked me if i'd seen the psychiatrist yet - he hadn't even read her letter! Have you looked at MIND's website, you can register and book some counselling sessions yourself, free if you are on esa andskint like me. I had to wait a bit but it depends how desperate you are, they have online questionaire to gauge your needs, & then contact you for a chat to get better idea of how desperate you are. They were all lovely to me and I found it big help to talk to someone unconnected & non-judgemental & have registered to book some more sessions because of still no help from gp. I won't take medication as have tried tiny doses in past and they made me aggressive & hallucinate! Bloody useless docs. Keep reminding yourself You deserve to be here And well, and even if you had no family & friends the world would have a piece of it's jigsaw missing without you x 🐅

  • I know where you are coming from because this thyroid condition makes us all feel so miserable and that life just isnt worth living any more.

    The doctors don't listen and make matters worse but everyone on this site is here for you and so just keep posting and sharing your bad days because they will eventually get less..... well in my case they did and I just hope that this will be the same for you.

    This is the very best site for being able to open up and tell it like it is because I'm sure that we all have travelled this lonely road at some point and fully understand where you are at right now.

    Sending you a great big hug and hoping that today is going to be better. Take it one day at a time some days are better than others so remember to be kind to yourself because your worth it Wendy. xxx

  • I will try. Thanks xxx

  • Wendy, I am so sorry you feel like you do. I understand, truly I do. The thoughts have been in my mind a lot the past couple of weeks. I'm not on medication at present and hyperthyroid. My symptoms are back, but doc says I'm fine. I am changing to a different Medical Practice next week to try and get help I feel so desperate.

    Then I think of my five children and my grandchildren and I hang on, how can I do that to them. They don't fully understand what your going through, I don't think anyone ever will, the variety of symptoms we suffer. But don't give in Wendy, don't let it win. You will get more help and support now, accept it. Remember we are all rooting for you and I shall be thinking of you . Your not alone.

    A big warm hug.

    Cicely xxx

  • Thank you so much

  • Oh wendy, what a sad post to read. It's a shame that cyber hugs can't cure us all. I hope that your family listen to you and can help with getting through to your doctors, My children were what actually kept me going in the end (a long time ago, pre-Hashimoto's).

  • Thanks xx

  • Hello Wendy,

    So sorry to here how you are feeling, I think lots of us would be able to relate to this , I know the light at the end of the tunnel seems so far away but one thing to try to bare in mind is people do recover and it is important to hold on to that belief, - taking a few leaves out of Norman Cousins Book (Anathomy of Illness) has served me well - though all the bad times.

    Doctors are useless and seem so detached from their feelings - they caused me alot of stress and heartache which of course makes things worse - not only for adrenals but also can cause flare ups.

    You can get better without them, lots of fantastic advise on here and lots of fantastic books out their (some available from the library) to help where doctors wont - they are clueless and do not understand our suffering/misery

    Hold in their - It really does get better

    Best wishes

  • Thank you. Means a lot xx

  • It maybe helpful to see a private psychiatrist .I went from underactive to overactive a few years ago and thought I was going out of my mind. My GP said it had nothing to do with my Thyroid and eventually my Daughter came with me and insisted I be referred to a Private Psychiatrist. He said straight away that I was over medicated.and put me on a tablet for my anxiety. He also told the G.P how to adjust my Thyroxin until my condition was normalised.

    I do think your Son needs to read all of the comments you have received so that he can understand and support you. I wish you good luck on returning to good health.I know just how terrifying all this can be but hang in there and all will be well.

  • Hi Wendy I have Graves and know exactly how you feel although I have never gone as far as you I have felt like it sometimes. What made me worse was the GP saying it was my thyroid and the Endo saying nothing to do with my thyroid. I felt like a ping pong ball for three years. Then I decided enough is enough sacked the Endo got a new one got a new GP and life is really good.

    I also take loads of vitamins and minerals which help me too. Don't give in fight back, do not let this dreadful disease own you.

    I have felt rotten for the last five weeks constantly sick the GP says it is the cabrimazole the Endo says its not. At least the GP listened to me and gave me anti sickness pills which are helping.

    Do not accept everything doctors say do your research speak to people on here and facebook there are some great Graves groups all with wonderful people who will listen to you and tell you what works for them. When I felt anxious I took lemonbalm it really helped its non addictive.

    Good luck and stay strong

  • no help anyware mental health or other health depts ,i know how you feel .

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