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Tsh 877 ! Please help !

I was always a thin boy . Suddenly I started gaining weight . I started feeling lazy , wanted to sleep all time , change in voice, swelling on face and hands , feel cold, I went to the doctor he told me to do my blood test reports tsh 877(.35 -5.50) FT3- 1.00 (2.30-4.20 ) FT4- .040(.89- 1.76 ), sgot 56 (05 - 40 )sgpt 72 (05-40) , high blood pressure , total cholesterol 380 (150- 220)my neck ultrasound was ok . I was diagonosed with hypothyroidism he gave me thyronome 100mg and astor 20 mg for cholesterol . After 2 months I started having loose bowels sometime even felt blood in my stool , I had my blood test all the reports are normal but TSH 0.26 (0.35-5.50). My stool reports are normal . My dose was decreased to 75 mg . I have lost 9 ( 70 - 61 ) looking weak , dark circles around my eyes. I am tired of telling people why I am looking weak . I am we're worried about my health . I stopped eating junk food . Please help is my treatment ok . What food should i eat.

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Oh Deepak, I'm not surprised you feel terrible with such unbalanced hormones.

Your whole body needs thyroid hormones and break downs starting manifesting in many different places.

At least you have now been diagnosed and appear to have no long term bowel problem.

The knowledgable people on this forum will be able to advise you regarding thyroid hormone test results and medications.

As well as TSH, you need to be tested for FT4, FT3. This will give a much better overall picture of how your body is responding to the medication. (Is thyronome a form of thyroxin?).

You also need to have your Vit D3, Vitamin B, Folate and Ferritin tested as difficiencies in any of these can cause your meds not to convert properly in your body.

Also tests for antibodies - TPOAb and TgAb. This will tell if you have an auto immune disease called Hashimotos Thyroiditis which causes your thyroid to stop working.

Well done for giving up junk food. Some of us find going further and giving up gluten, diary, etc can help but this will be for you to explore in the future.

Right now it is important to get those blood tests done, post results on forum together with ranges ( numbers in brackets) and look after your self with a nutrient dense diet and proper care.

Hope you feel better soon.


Keep posting your results so that people here can help you with what they mean. Always post the ranges between which the results are supposedly normal too. These vary widely from lab to lab, so we need to know what ranges the lab that processes your results is using.

Thyroid meds take time to work. Try not to worry. It sounds as if you've lost the weight you've gained, which is good, but your body has been terribly stressed by this - don't expect it to bounce back quickly. Your thyroid affects your whole body. Your recovery could take months.

All this will have put immense stress on your Adrenal glands, which may well have become exhausted as a result. If your doctor is going to do a further panel of tests, ask for your Adrenal glands to be tested too. If s/he won't test, then supplement them yourself. It cannot do harm, and may do much good. There are a variety of supplements around suitable for all dietary persuasions.

Feel better :-)

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What a hard moment, well you've passed that now hopefully, keep going, take it easy, stress is damaging , relax yourself too, find music you like, do gentle exercise like stretches, do what you want not what you think you should with exercise like reduce everything be easy on yourself. Eat well change it slowly, my doctor say all processed foods are the worst, eat natural, don't worry, pray. Cancel stuff you can't manage you ll find a new you soon I m sure you will , all the best there.

Keep researching when you want but don't over panic have faith.


Sorry to hear you are having such a difficult time. Please ask your doctor to test free t4 and free t3. It sounds like you were over replaced. although TSH is considered to good standard test, it's not particularly helpful on its own for determining whether your dose is correct.

If you are still on Astor, it would be a good idea to get your cholesterol tested again. You cholesterol may have been high because of the hypothyroidism and you may no longer need the Astor any more. It can cause side effects, especially if you no longer need it.

As flower007 says, it is important to get your serum iron, ferritin, folate, vitamin b12, vitwmin D and cortisol tested. It is quite likely that you are low in some or all of the above and that could be contributing to your symptoms. When you get your results, please post them on the forum and we will be able to suggest whether you might benefit from supplements. The reference ranges for some of these tests are far too low and you may be told all is normal when you actually need to supplement (vitamin b12 and ferritin, in particular).

If you are still losing weight and feeling like you are over medicated, you could try a further reduction in your medication to see if that helps for a short time. Sometime it can take a bit of fiddling about to find exactly the right dose.

If you have any concerns that something is not right, please do go back to your doctor. I hope things improve for you soon.

Carolyn x


Deepak, I am really sorry that you have been suffering so much and not realising what was wrong with you. I would suggest you Increase your dose to 100mcg again as doctors shouldn't reduce our medication unless we were overdosed and the TSH should only be used as a guideline, not for medicating the patient.

A Higher cholesterol is one of the hundreds of clinical symptoms of hypothyroidism and when on thyroid hormones it will reduce naturally. It would seem that some of your symptoms could be due to Astor:


Side effects:


sore throat

a runny or blocked nose (non-allergic rhinitis)


feeling sick

problems with the digestive system, such as constipation, diarrhoea, indigestion or flatulence (passing wind)

muscle and joint pain (see below)

increased blood sugar level (hyperglycaemia)

an increased risk of diabetes

Lowering a patients medication thyroid medication can make them feel much worse.

We are usually deficient in minerals/vitamins in hypothyroidism so ask doctor to test Vitamin B12, Vit D, iron, ferritin and folate.

Get a print-out with the ranges and post them on a new question and members will comment on them.

Take your thyroid hormones first thing with 1 glass of water. Don't eat for around 1 hour so that food doesn't interfere with the uptake of thyroxine Any other medication or supplements should be taken 4 hours away from thyroxine.

Your blood test should be as early as possible for your thyroid hormones, and leave approx 24 hours between thyroxine and your blood test which should be as early as possible. Take thyroxine after it leaving 2 hours each side of taking it before you eat.

Don't worry, once we are on sufficient thyroid hormones to convert to T3, you should feel much better. Hypothyroidism means that from head to toe our bodies suffer from a lack of thyroid hormones and when you get them back to an optimum level you should feel much better.


A link which may be helpful re foods:


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Deepak, I'm guessing you are in India from your name and that you are prescribed thyronome. So, you may find some of the tests are not available to you. You were very hypothyroid and it sounds like you were overmedicated for a while (loose bowels and losing weight) but this was understandable given how hypothyroid you were.

The dark circles around your eyes and weight loss could also be due to weakened adrenals. Don't worry, this can happen in hypothyroidism and the adrenals normally recover naturally over time. Your recovery will take about a year. You should slowly get better, if you feel you are getting worse see your doctor.

Low iodine levels can cause hypothyroidism, this doesn't matter now you are taking thyronome. I would however ask your doctor to check your iodine level but please do not take any iodine supplement unless your doctor finds your levels are too low. Taking iodine if you are not deficient is bad for your thyroid.

Your doctor can check your cholesterol again as it might have come down now you are on thyronome. I don't think there are any special foods to eat, just avoid eating junk food.


Hi Deepak

Have they tested your cortisol? Some of what you are describing are low cortisol symptoms (adrenals)? Particularly being thin with dark circles under your eyes. Being hypothyroid for a long time can cause low cortisol and this is very serious. it will also mean that you cannot cope with the thyroid medication.

Also as others have said, in healthy people, there is a tight correlation between TSH and FT3, but in people who are ill, and on replacement hormones, recent research shows that the relationship between TSH and FT3 is broken and a good doctor will dose someone according to the their FT3 result, you need this in the upper quartile of the reference range.

If you have low iron, low Vit D, low cortisol etc then your body's ability to convert levothyroxine to FT3 will be compromised and you might need a prescription of T3 to add to your T4.

It is possible to get better, it really is, but most of us have found that we need to be advocates for ourselves and that means, unfortunately, learning how this all works so we can educate our doctor - the thing to remember is your doctor works FOR you, and he or she does things FOR you and not TO you. CONSENT is a very big deal in medicine and you need to be able to give informed consent to all that happens to you. I appreciate when you are tired, ill and scared it's difficult to process all this information but it really will help if you can learn as much as you can. Always get copies of your blood results, and buy yourself a big diary and keep track of your dose, your symptoms, your morning temperature, your diet, any supplements, and dose changes and log everything, then if something goes better or worse, you can go back and figure out what happened. I take pulse, BP and temperature everyday, and I weigh myself regularly and write it all down.

In years gone by, before they developed thyroid blood tests, a thyroid condition was diagnosed by cholesterol results, and you may find that without the statins, keeping an eye on your cholesterol levels will give you a good indication of how you are responding to treatment. The problem with statins is a whole other debate in and of itself.

Hang in there, it does get better eventually, and we'll help you along the way.




Here's the research I was talking about ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/231...


Deepak, I would never take any cholesterol medication. As I understand now, your adrenals need cholesterol to make several types of steroids and right now you probably need a lot of it. I'll post this video and you can find the part about adrenals. After many years of researching thyroid and recently adrenals I think this man is accurate and as usual conventional medicine is lagging behind and so promoting drugs wherever they find the opportunity without realizing they are making you more ill.


Omg thank you so much for this! I had gallbladder surgery (which ended up much like a car crash as my gallbladder had fused to my liver and they cut thru main artery!) That was 1 year before diagnosis with hashimotos hypothyroidism, which was 1 year before diagnosis with Rheumatoid Disease. I always believed it was all connected if you include chronic carpal tunnel and surgery for that. So many years of severe stress battling 6 years in court for custody of my babies, struggling to support my family alone. Its so clear how its all connected now! Thank you


Orchid, please watch the one on Healing the Adrenals. You press the youtube icon in the lower right and it will take you directly to the youtube videos. I have subscribed and watched five or six videos. He comes out with valuable information.

A lady I met had a very bent over posture just below her neck/shoulders and only 46 years old. Dr. Bergman said that many bipolar people become that way because of losing the curve in their neck depriving the brain. The woman was only 40 something and said she had been treated for bipolar with lithium and it destroyed her kidneys and now was on dialysis three times per week. She looked like a 70 year old. Situations like this are tragic. But we really allow doctors to do this to us when we should be trying to do what we can for ourselves.

After 20 years of being hypo, I'm thinking this may be a curable after all. There is nothing wrong with your gland itself until it is destroyed by some other disease process so why not try to create the healthy environment and heal.


Yes totally, I'm literally sick of this disease. I've also had a lumber twist in my spine, had since 14. I'm 37 now. My health has been terrible since a traumatic birth. I'd do anything to improve my health and life span. I've subscribed and watching several videos. Very interesting and glad to see so much information in layman's terms. Thank you again x


Oh bless you, thought I was bad when diagnosed at 96 TSH, I had been running on empty so long that I totally crashed and burned for a while. Thyroid disease is a long term/permanent process, it takes a lot of testing and tweaking of meds and often ends up with many other auto immune conditions to keep us company. I wish you well and that you can find your optimal treatment plan.


Omg thats a really high tsh! Could you find a doctor who would treat you with natural thyroid hormones? Like armour or erfa? You should nt be decreasing your thyroid hormone you should be taking more! Diet wise i would try glutenfree and if you could dairyfree i feel so much better since doing this and get your iron b12 and vit d levels checked! Hope you feel better soon


You need to find out if you have an auto-immune thyroid condition. If you do not know this, you must get your thyroid antibodies checked. If your low functioning thyroid is Hashmotos disease (low functioning, auto-immune thyroid disease), you should immediately eliminate gluten from your diet. Gluten is a gut inflammatory. There are two diets you could try. 1. The SCD Diet (The Specific Carbohydrate Diet) or 2. The Paleo Diet which also eliminates dairy products as well as gluten. The SCD Diet is designed for those with auto immune conditions such as Chrons Disease, Ulcerative Colitis and Irritable Bowel Syndrome. It also helps with Hashimotos. At the very least, you must avoid products that contain gluten such as wheat, rye, barley and oats. This means you must read packages very carefully. You must also avoid added sugar (also an inflammatory). I recommend that you should also be tested for Coeliac Disease (another auto-immune condition) as many people who have Hashimotos Thyroid disease also have this condition. If you have Coeliac Disease, you must strictly avoid gluten for the rest of your life. I have sub-clinical Hashimotos Thyroiditis and can tell you that sticking to a gluten, dairy free diet is not as difficult as it sounds. There are a lot of support groups on the net that can help.


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