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Has anyone here had a Vitamin A or a Vitamin E deficiency?

I've been having quite a few medical investigations recently which so far has found a vitamin b12 deficiency and vitamin d deficiency. My ferritin was borderline but apparently my iron saturation was high? ... I'm leaving that fight for another day.

Treating the b12 and d has helped my symptoms quite well but one of my remaining symptoms is dry eyes and recently I managed to get a vitamin a and vitamin e test done and I'm waiting for the results now. I'm just wondering if anyone here has had either of these deficiencies and can tell me what your symptoms were, what was the treatment and how long before the treatment helped? Any information on this would be great as there isn't a lot out there.


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You might message Gabkad about this. Here is a short video about vitamin A deficiency. If you decide to take vitamin E, take a natural with all the elements.

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In hypothyroidism there can be impaired conversion of beta-carotene to vitamin A.

All too often we see references to beta-carotene being vitamin A. It isn't. It needs to be split in two to become vitamin A. In general high doses of beta-carotene are fairly harmless - the worst most people see is an orange hue to their skin. But taking pre-formed vitamin A is something that you need to do very, very carefully. I am totally unable to advise or even suggest what to do other than the obvious of finding out your levels, doing a lot of reading, and getting proper advice.

Vitamin E also has oddities and concerns which I have never got my head round. Again, care is requred.



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