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All going badly wrong!


Really would appreciate some advice!

I am hypo since 2011 and currently taking 60mcg of liothyronine three times day split into 20mcg dose.

I was doing well up until our move south in Dec 2014.

Now I know house moves are stressful but I fe

T my hypo symptoms coming back and at the time was on 2 half tabs of Liothyronine so upped it to 3.

I went to register with new GP and bloods were taken and I was called back.My cholesterol was higher at 5.3 and she said I was hyper so to reduce my meds!.i knew this wasn't true but did as I was told as they were repeating bloods in 6 weeks.

When the bloods were redone I was called as my T4 was low.

I explained this was normal on T3 but they said it was virtually undetectable and I had also noticed my worst symptoms coming back badly.i am exercising 4 times a week eat healthy and my weight is creeping up,my nails skin and hair are terrible and I am so sleepy and. Upset.

We also lost our mother in law so it's a lot I know.I am though getting worse daily and having to work some extremely long shifts as am agency worker.

They have refereed me to an endo but I'm unsure what's happened.

My T4 was at 0-45 (10-00 to 19-00) being the range.

I know it's fine to be low but it's not there what's happening I feel awful and all my other bloods are fine .

Thanks Jayne

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A healthy thyroid gland produces T3, T4 etc, when we are put on levo which is T4 which should convert to T3 but sometimes it doesn't convert sufficient.

When we take T3 alone because our body isn't producing any or low T4 that's what the blood test result will show. Unfortunately Endocrinologists are using blood tests which were introduced along with levothyroxine, so with T3 only it just cannot ring true and they are flummoxed with the blood test results.. T4 is a prohormone.

Did you leave a 24 hour gap approx between T3 and the blood test? If you split doses I know this is difficult. I take my dose once daily and have no problems.

A couple of excerpts from the above link:

1. Conventional endocrinologists' lack of knowledge about T3 results from conduct that is clearly unscientific—that is, overall, they accepted without question mandates passed down to them by old guard thyroid specialists, much as loyal military personnel obediently and unquestioningly comply with orders from higher command. The particular mandate of conventional thyroid specialists I refer to here is this: "The only thyroid hormone preparation a doctor should ever prescribe is T4 (thyroxine)."

To the discredit of both conventional endocrinologists and the thyroid specialists whose edicts the obey, this mandate is not scientifically based. Instead, it’s based on a powerful marketing campaign of a major pharmaceutical company. This marketing campaign, not science, is precisely why most doctors robotically write "Synthroid" on their prescription pads when they learn that a patient is hypothyroid. Conventional doctors, including endocrinologists, have allowed their minds to be utterly subjugated by this marketing campaign. As a result, they’ve deprived themselves of clinical experience with any thyroid preparation other than T4.

2 You asked, if we don't have T4 receptors, "then why do we need T4 supplementation rather than just T3 alone?" With rare exception, we don't.

No one can rationally defend T4 supplementation on scientific grounds. I say this because the widespread use of T4 supplementation is not based on scientific studies that show it to be safer or more effective than the use of T3 alone. Instead, its widespread use is the result of a financial venture between the endocrinology specialty and corporations that profit from sales of the most commonly prescribed brands of T4.


P.S. On the T3 link, read the para at the very bottom of the page on the right-hand side.


Hi Jayne - A combination of both T3 and T4 might work a lot better. Is there any reason why you're on T3 only?

T3 works to combat fatigue short term but I think have a steady 'baseline' dose of T4 is much better. I'm on 20mgr of T3 split twice and 75/100 mgr Levothyroxine. Seems to be the best balance so far. Of course we all need different doses but T3 only wasn't a good solution in my experience.

Are you on a thyroid friendly diet? I'm newly converted to gluten-free and after just 3 days I feel much better!!

Lucy Y


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