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The egg diet

Hi, I have Hashimotos, and have been struggling with my weight, I have gained well over a stone

since my thyroid problems. I have tried many diets, have loads of books etc for most of the diets that

are on offer, all of them have left me at the same weight, or lose it one day put it back on the next. However......... I found the egg diet on the web, it's normal foods. a bit harsh, cannot be used for more than a week at a time, and guess what! I started it on Monday and have lost 3lbs already, it's brilliant if you like eggs! Anyone else tried it?

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glad you are losing weight but just check your meds...lots of mine say avoid grapefruit x


I am glad you have lost some weight but also look towards your TSH level as well.


I follow the Harcombe Diet which is high fat and low carb and have lost over 2 stones and, more importantly, kept it off for nearly two years.


I Have done the Harcombe diet before and always have lost weight, but this time I haven't lost anything despite keeping my calories under 1200 and hitting the gym 3 times a week! I am on only 50mg of levothyroxine (2 yrs at this level of dose) Do you think I may need to get my levels checked? I must admit I haven't taken my condition too seriously until now.


Hi Artygirl - there's no need to count calories with the Harcombe Diet. I don't weigh or count anything I just eat real food in enough quantities to fill me up. I seem to do best on fat rather than carb meals so mainly stick to that. My exercise regime is Pilates once or twice a week and walk and talk at our local NSC. Have you got any of Zoe's books to refresh your memory? When did you last have a blood test? If you are due one them ask for a full blood count and post on the forum so the very knowledgeable members can guide you. Hope this helps.


Thanks Nanj51 I tried to keep my calories down just to lose the weight for my holiday! I do have 1 of Zoe's books so I will refresh my memory. Had a blood test 6 months ago but I have just booked a appointment for later this month as I am also confused about soya milk and kale, cabbage etc. My doctor is normally so good but I feel I was just sent away with tablets and little info. hence why I probably haven't taken it seriously.


This diet doesn't have any fat or salt. Really not a healthy way of eating. You might lose weight on it, but how long will you keep it off?

I Don't approve of 'diets' - especially fad diets - and this one is very faddy. They are unsustainable. Sorry to be a wet blanket, but if you are hypo, you need decent levels of T3 to control your weight. And it's more likely to be water-weight (mucin) than fat. And no diet is going to help that.

Your adrenals need salt, and there is no salt (from what I can see) in this diet except what is in the bread - and that's not much!

You need fat. Those that eat the most fat lose the most weight.

And for those two reasons, I dont like this diet - although I love eggs! lol

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The egg diet is a minimum of 6 eggs per day, each coupled with a specific amount of fat (butter, coco oil etc), and some cheese if one wishes (although cheese can stall some). It equates to around 70% fat - the yolk is fat and the white is protein. So definitely not low fat. As with all natural ways of eating, salt needs to be added (preferably himalayan pink salt or celtic sea salt). The egg fast can be used to break a stall or induce ketosis - then a more varied low carb or ketogenic diet is advised to those who wish to become fat-adapted. Eggs are fantastic for nutrition - contain every vitamin except C.


Hi retro 1981, No, this diet isn't loads of eggs, not the one I am doing anyway. You have meat and salad, and loads of fresh fruit. I usually have 2 poached eggs for breakfast that's all. It claims you can lose a stone in a week, the diet can only be followed for a week. This is my fourth day and am on track to lose 7lb (I won't weigh myself until the morning) I have lost a definate 5lbs.


Seems strange it's called egg diet if there's only 2 per day! But overall at least it's unprocessed food so will surely do you good 😄


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