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Iron blood results

After a month on iron and several months on B12, my ferritin is up although not enough, but my Red Blood Cell Count is down!


Ferritin - 18

B12 - 240


Ferritin - 46

B12- 609


R B C - 4.67


RBC - 4.38

Range ~ 4.2 - 5.4

I'm worried that taking more iron could make it worse. I'm feeling better over all. I'm going to take iron for another month to get it over 70, and then test again after a couple of months. Any ideas why this would happen.

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It may just be a transient thing. It would be worth seeing what happens in a couple of moths. You may find it comes back up again.


Moths! I meant 'months', lol. I am not suggesting experimenting on moths. I'm just having trouble with 'fat finger' syndrome ;)

I also meant to say that if your RBC continues to drop, it would then be a good idea to investigate the cause.

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