Prednisone versus Nutri adrenal extra


I have been taking Prednisone - a low dose of 2.5mg x a day. (AM and Lunch Time). This dose was suggested due to my Cortisol and ACTH being Low - Cortisol was 112 and ACTH was 12. However, I cannot tolorate Prednisone - it has horrendous side effects. I am waiting to see Dr P, but in the meantime I would like to try Nutri adrenal extra.

Has anybody experienced this? I read that like Prednisone it is advisable to take this in the Morning?

I have ordered these tabs from "Nutri".


**I am taking NDT, B12 injections, Q10 and ferritin folate as well.

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  • Why are they low? Have you had a pituitary evaluation? With low ACTH and low Cortisol, it means pituitary issues/damage. I would surely not trust an over the counter supplement, that doesn't contain hormones, to work here..very dangerous potentially. You could have an Adrenal Crisis without enough this point!

  • Hi faith63,

    Thks for your reply. The problem is that I cannot get a pituity evaluation unless its private. Whicich, I cannot afford at the moment. Going down the NHS route via GP is useless. My results, believe it or not ar "normal!"

    Have you any advice? I am waiting to see Dr P but thats months of yet...

    I cannot take Prednisone - the side effects are horrendous.

  • If you have a low ACTH and low Cortisol, that isn't normal, but doctors don't know how to read the tests. You need to know why. I need to see a Pituitary Specialist myself. Did you have an ACTH stim done? I understand you may not get proper help for this in the UK.

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