Ode to a thyroid sufferer ( with apologies to Julie Andrews )

Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens

My hands are so cold that I have to wear mittens

My hair it is falling

My skin it is wrinkly

I can't sleep at night as my bladder is TINKLY ?

My head and my neck aches

Doc says I don't know

Endo says T3 is a no no

Just for good measure , a visit to Cardio .

Oh the coldness , Oh the tiredness !

Oh I feel so bad !

Back to the doc B12 is tested

Vit D and ferretin if you request it !

Hubby says get dressed , we will go out you'll look cute ????

I say I'll stay home and slob in my tracksuit .

What's to be done about all of these things ?

I'll just go to bed with a bottle of gin !!!!

Any additions welcome


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  • Fantastic......cheered me up no end and so bloody true..... I'm not a tracksuit fan however more a get my pjs on as soon as I walk through the door πŸ˜‚πŸ·

  • Haha Thanks Polina44

    Sometimes you have to have a laugh.

    Take care


  • Lol, Pinkpeony, I thought I'd left my webcam on :-D

  • Clutter that would be interesting πŸ˜‰

    Cheers PP

    By the way , about the gin, it was just to rhyme ! 😱

  • PP, I know, you left your webcam on and it looked like rum ;)

  • Heeheehee!

  • Glad it got a chuckle Gabkad !


  • Pinky, you really do need to put a plaster over that little lens in the middle of the top of your monitor. Clutter can SEE you for heavens' sake.

    P.S. I keep my bottle well hidden.

    LOL! Oh my.... best laugh of the day! Thanks.

  • You've blown my cover Clutter, but what could possiblyrhyme with rum?

    Just had a thought , it would be fun to see us all on a webcam sitting round in our PJ's and drinking Apple cider vinegar or whatever your poison.

    πŸ˜‰ Pp

  • Potato vodka. It looks like water. ;) I don't think anything rhymes with vodka. Not in English, anyway.

  • The Irish brew that stuff Gabkad , it blows your socks off and sometimes the roof lol


  • i could do with some socks blowing off right about now.

    Last night I read that Plenty of Fish has a bazillion people registered looking for LURVE! So I thought, hm, let's just have a looksee.

    There's all these middle aged men (I'm not a cougar anymore) declaring how they go skiing, rock climbing, dining, walking, travelling... whatever the hell they claim they are doing... and I'm like......weyelll...... I hang out in my hammock wearing pyjamas, drinking very dilute vodka, reading a thyroid forum and listening to the radio. What a hot date, eh? I could just imagine:

    'Hypothyroid somewhat flabby old broad, ex yoga, ex pilates, ex hiking, ex canoeing and camping enthusiast, former world traveller who currently defaults to pyjamas and booze during time off. Occasionally goes swimming and does kamikaze grocery shopping due to intense dislike of this activity. Won't sit through movies or at long restaurant meals because it kills the back and there's always the possibility of bringing home bedbugs. Won't cross the border due to hassles due to surname being similar to famous terrorist family. Stays home with six cats. Self-employed, burned out, ready to retire. Seeking quiet guy who likes cats, enjoys vacuuming and washing dishes, does not use an electric rasor, sits when he pees, does not listen to loud music or watch TV.'

    LOL! No? Definitely not looking or interested. Just so grateful to be left in peace.

  • Hey! That sounds like my sort of guy! Especially the sitting when he pees, bit. I've never understood this macho habit of standing to pee. I know it's easier, but very few of them have a good enough aim to make it worthwhile - not if they're cleaning the bathroom, anyway. But I would have to add 'must be good cook'!

  • Haha Gabkad,

    They still pee on the porcelain even sitting down, tho thankfully not on the floor!


  • It's a personal peeve of mine.

  • Wow, gabkad, what a catch you would be!!

  • I know, eh? Amazing there's no line up outside my door. LOL!

  • How about 'I've got a pain in my tum tum tum'? That rhymes with rum.

    But I prefer gin. Or tequila, as in Margarita!

    I Don't like pyjamas, personally, nor track suits. I tend to hang out in a teeshirt, knickers and a pair of furry slipper boots (I have them in three different colours!). If it's very cold, I add a pair of leggings.

    I also like champagne. But nothing rhymes with that, not even in French.

  • Wow :)

    Mental picture of you in a tee shirt and knickers and furry slippers greygoose is mindbending

    I hope people haven't got the impression that I am an alcoholic! ( well maybe just a little )

    Have a nice day in la Belle France.

    Hope it's warm enough to leave off the leggings!πŸ˜‰

    Cheers Pp

  • Well, funnily enough, that's not my outfit today. I'm wearing an ankle-length, burgandy-coloured dress and furry slippers. That is because the postman rang the bell at 7.30 this morning, and I rolled out of bed and just Grabbed the first thing that came to hand out of the laundry basket (clean) without putting the light on. Don't know what the postman thought about my attire, but who cares! lol

    And, as it happened, I didn't mind being roused so early, because he brought me my poppy!!! You know, the poppies that were all round the Tower of London for 11th Novemeber last year. I thought it was never going to arrive, but here it is, and I'm thrilled!

    And remember, I do have normal human legs, so I Don't exactly look like Donald Duck in my outfit of choice! lol I'm not really a goose!

  • Off topic, why have my posts gone into skinny little boxes?


  • gg I wonder if a postman has ever written a book.

    Should make for interesting reading lol


  • lol I'd love to read it!

  • Same would go for window cleaners lol

    πŸ˜† Pp

  • lol Even more so, I would imagine!

  • Niice goosey! The remembrance day poppy that is.

    I'm sure the postman rings early just so he can take a gander at the goose.......;)

  • lol No, I Don't think so! He's a lovely looking, blond, Young man, and I'm a dried-up, almost bald, old crone! I'm sure there's better in other houses!

  • Ahh goosey , I am sure that's an exaggeration!🌷🌷


  • You're too kind... But it isn't! :)

  • Brilliant, PP. I loved that. Thank you. :-)

    Yes, I'm a PJ and fleecy dressing gown person myself - lol!

  • Thanks Caroline.

    PJ's for me also but you know a bit of artistic licence lol


  • Great fun Pink peony... Thanks for the laugh.....Just had to add some more for you......

    Let's have some fun and forget the T3,

    Let's all get bloated,not go gluten free,

    Didn't want vitamins B or D3,

    No need for folate and no NDT.

    Let's all eat cake,rum and raisin ice cream,

    Chocolate and chips.....zzz...wow ! what a dream..........

    Let's all take off and let's spread our wings,

    Time to indulge in our favourite things.

    M x

  • Marfit that's brilliant !

    Sounds like heaven.


    PP x

  • Love it!

  • Thanks not too good with the rhyming bit.

    Cheers Pp

  • Hehe....

  • Cheers Northie


  • Just read this after breakfast - great start to my day Pp and Marfit too. I'm always so much in awe of people who write those sorts of clever ditties. 😊

  • Thanks Fruitandnutcase

    I think the Poet Laureate has nothing to worry about. lol

    Regards Pp

  • It's great that we can have a laugh together,though I sometimes worry about myself when I press the " Submit "

    Keep them coming Pinkpeony.

  • I keep thinking it would be nice to meet each other. I wonder if it's best kept at a distance.

    Do you think all we would do is moan about things.

    I see from your profile you are my age. We must have the same sense of humour!


  • Adding another year tomorrow .....74.

    Yes I have often wondered what it would be like to meet with another member for a chat and you are probably right about the conversation ....one thing though ....we wouldn't be stuck for words would we?

    Which area are you in?

    Have a good weekend.....M.

  • Happy Birthday Marfit!

    Hope you are well enough to celebrate. 🌷

    Hubby's birthday today also, going out for lunch .

    I live in the North east near Newcastle (sort of).

    Regards Pp

  • So dare cute and funny thanks for that xoxoxo Susita

  • Thanks Susita for those kind words.

    Cheers Pp

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