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am i being neurotic

I have an underactive thyroid and have started worrying about my youngest child who is 7. He started getting constipated some months ago and is now on very high doses of laxatives. He also seems to be putting on weight and his trousers are a struggle to get on. He otherwise seems well. I foolishly let the dentist paint some of his teeth with fluoride and he seems to have had these problems since.

Am I just being over anxious or could he had a thyroid problem. IF so how would I get it tested. I cant imagine to GP being too sympathetic.

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Are you saying your GP would rather leave a 7 year old on high doses of laxatives than find the true cause of his problems? I don't doubt that is exactly what's happening!

I'm wondering if you could make some dietary changes/improvements that might help him. Maybe look at your cooking oils (consider organic rapeseed oil), or using coconut oil and water, possibly cutting back on wheat in case he's intolerant to wheat or gluten.

Something must be causing his constipation and some kind of exclusion diet might help pinpoint the cause.


Both Flouride and Aluminium cause trouble for the thyroid

Given your sons symptoms and given your hypo plus inherited nature of hypothyroid I think its entirely reasonable to ask for tests

Indeed forward thinking Endos always request all children of Hypothyroids are tested

Thyroid Antibodies must be done too

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It would be great if they accepted DR skinners diagnoses of me as hypo thyroid but they dont even accept that and refuse to treat me so I treat myself. I will ask them to test Perran, nothing to lose I suppose. Do you know how I could get him tested privately


Sorry for late comment - have just found this - B12 deficiency has constipation as one of the symptoms, you might give that a go. High milk consumption is associated with constipation too. Pain from doing the poo can lead to witholding in a child, so everything gets worse, and that can complicate everything. There's a very good book by Dr Anthony Cohn from Watford General which might be worth a read.


Thankyou Aspmama. Unfortunately we werent able to get enough blood from him to run thyroid tests. I can try supplementing B12 though. I seem to have solved the worsted of him problems by paying him to poo. He was with holding a lot. Now he gets £2 per turd and he is going most days.


So it was the pain.... much more expensive than the tooth fairy, but worth it.

Thyroid tests on my son were clear, and he had the full panel.

Things still aren't normal though. Iron helped with the colour, but you can't give a child iron without knowing that serum ferritin is low.

Please post here if you have any more breakthroughs, and I will too.


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