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Ferritin not improving with treatment😳

Afternoon all,

As usual after your expect advice as doctor is away.

About 6 months endo suggested checking Ferritin due to extreme tirdeness and hairloss. Ferritin was 25 at time - range (20-250) doc said normal 😡endo said waaaay to low so I started ferrous sulphate 200mg a day.

3 months on, ferritin improved to 54 and so did my tiredness.

However, another 3 months on and it's DECREASED and now down to 41???


Nb: I am convinced I have fructose malabsorption (doc says IBS😡) if I'm right could this be causing me to not absorb vitamns?


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You may have coeliac, which causes malabsorption. Even without coeliac, you could have gluten intolerance which causes malabsorption.

I had similar issues, despite double dose for many years, my iron stayed low. After i stopped eating gluten, my absorption went up hugely. I also had an iron infusion which helped, but you have to be half dead before the nhs will give you one. Try and get iron injections, you can buy the amps in some countries without a script - i did this, which also helped.

Another point - If you have hashimoto's you lose the ability to absorb iron.

The NHS will always say your iron is normal, that does not mean it is optimal. For optimal thyroid function it must be at least 90.

I was told mine was normal when i was clearly anaemic.



"Another point - If you have hashimoto's you lose the ability to absorb iron."

Please elaborate? I fear I may have Hashi's (I've requested the TPO-Ab and TGA-AB tests when I go next Friday for labs for my annual physical with GP on the following Monday). I was diagnosed with Hypothyroidism last June but also, have lupus and Sjogren's (diagnosed last July and August). AI came after Hypo DX and I just recently realized I was never tested to see if hypo was really AI thyroiditis. Would explain so much.

Just trying to gather all info needed since I have complained for some time now (1+ years?) about my low Ferritin levels, high B12 levels (I supplement but fear I have a malabsorption issue), borderline low normal iron levels, low normal RBC, etc. On levo and T3 as well as Plaquenil for AI.

@ Natalie286 - I have trouble with Ferritin levels as well but have seen some success supplementing with Ferrex-150 along with 5mg Ferritin Bioavailable Iron. I am getting iron and ferritin levels tested as well. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that the levels are going up tho some days, I feel like I could simply just sleep!

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The tiredness is soooo bad I know 😴😴😴😴😴


unless you also took at least 1000 mg of Vit C with your iron the body cannot absorb the iron or increase the ferritin


Oh I have fresh juiced oranges/ spinach/ lemon drink with each one 😉


Spinach contains something that blocks iron absorbtion


Oh dear😩 thnx x


Oxalates and other substances. Apparently (so I have read a minute ago), especially when not cooked (as in juiced?).

This paper is well worth reading (although I have only grabbed a few sentences!):


Hi... I'm on 150 Levo and my ferritin is 11 and has I have recently found out been around this level for last 7 years which has never been treated. I'm taking ferrous fumarate and waiting for my results from the bloods I have had done today. I have also been gluten free for last 4 weeks as read it could help absorption. My B12 is low and so is my Vitamin D so taking supplements for this too. I have an appointment to see an endocrinologist in April to see why my iron is so low?? Not really sure what good that will do. My thyroid results are all good.

Hope you get the help you need.

Louise x


Awh thanks Louise 😀 you'll have to let me know what the endo says above why you're so low? So complicated! My thyroid numbers are all good too (thankfully) x


Oh and my cycle has gone to more than 35/40 days from a regular 28 day cycle and I have started getting constant multiple mouth ulcers too 😖




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