My blood test. What is wrong with me please

My blood test. What is wrong with me please

These tests were taken 24 April. My doc sent me to endo and he said to take 40 CMZ a day and see him in 3 months. Do I have to?

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Your results show you are hyperthyroid so yes you do need to take the tablets, however it's your choice but if you refuse medication you will become extremely ill.

Thank you, do you know what disease I have, name please

Hi - as per previous reply, you have hyperthyroidism. It may be caused by Graves' disease, an auto-immune condition, but it may not. Without further testing it can't be tied down. But the exact cause is less important at this point in time than bringing it under control which is what the carbimazole is for. If it is not treated, hyperthyroid can cause all sorts of dangerous effects, including heart damage as the body consumes muscle and osteoporosis. Symptoms can also be very unpleasant, so please do take the medicine.


Hi its hyperthyroidism I was diagnosed with the same I'm currently taking 20 cmz and feel so much better now. I also take vitamin D as my joints were in so much pain. I have put alot of weight on though only problem now. Feel better soon

You may find it helpful to learn a bit about thyroid problems, then it will help you when you discuss it with the GP and the endo. A good place to start is the Thyroid UK website at

Post on here any time you have questions.

Thank you, my endo has put me forward to join Diageo, diagnosis of Graves orbitopathy study. Does he know I have Graves from the blood test, or is this to find out. I am finding this a bit of a mine field. He prescribed 40 carbizole a day for three months and perhaps this may make me hypo, and I don't want that. What would happen if I took 20 a day instead. I will see him end of September.

I would say discuss this with your dr, are feeling unwell at all? My experience is to have a blood test within 6 weeks of starting carbimazole, your levels are very high so you're starting on a high dose. Waiting 12 weeks for a follow up is a bit long.

I had a blood test after 2 weeks of being on cmz. Maybe you should ask for a repeat blood test. Interesting about the dull ache behind your eye. My left eye can be like that and also waters a lot. Is it like a headache but behind the eye? I have woken up with this some mornings. It's nor eye strain as I have just got new glasses.

Had a repeat blood test yesterday, didn't know I was to have it, doc just told nurse. I tried the opticians first time I had the ache, new glasses, still the same, but after about 4 weeks on CMZ have found relief. Hope it's now ok. Endo has ordered someone to have a look. Are you hyper, what dose are you on. I have a multi nodular goitre that has grown below the bone, so my voice has altered to sexy. Pity the rest didn't follow suit. Take care Val

Yeah I have Graves. I was on 30 until 3 weeks ago but as the levels had dropped GP has reduced dose to 15. I have so much energy today so I think it must have peaked again. Will find out next week. Will mention the eye when I see GP next and at my first endo appointment in September .

From what I can see your antibodies are within range.

Are you having eye problems?

I am so pleased to hear that, unfortunately, I get an ache behind my eye, but is it possible that may not be thyroid related.. I am being referred to an optician so will find out. So glad antibodies are within range,

Your TPO antibodies are low, but that doesn't rule anything in or out. It is not a specific test for Grave's. He should be testing TSI or TRab or TSH Receptor antibodies or TBII. Or even, if he wants to rule out Hashi's, TgAB. Just testing the TPOab is not sufficient.

OH dear, just when I thought it was safe. BUt Thank you. I have written this down and will try to convey to doctor when he comes back off holiday, he will be in fine fettle then, and I will have had time to practice.

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