Quickest delivery time for NDT-need asap

Hi Everyone,

Does anyone know of reputable company that sells Armour or Westhroid WP that delivers in pretty quick? I have had big problems with inefficiency of a particular grain of size sent by online Pharmacy supplier in US/California. They will not help me any further and now need to order asap and only have a ten day supply left!

Is there anyone in Europe whom might be a bit quicker than 2/3 weeks without incurring huge Courior costs?

Any ideas? Thanks in advance


Recommendations via private messages please in line with posting guideline #22, thank you.


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  • Cat69, It might be an idea to get some T3 from Europe to tide you over until your NDT arrives. I'm not aware of any suppliers shipping NDT from Europe.

  • Ok thanks Clutter. I actually have some Cynomel T3 but that also seems to make me feel awful within days. So I need the mix of t4/t3 in NDT.

    I will keep searching.


  • Cat69, you could buy T4 from Europe and take T4+T3 to tide you over.

  • Ok I see what you mean. good thinking! Shame I couldn't work that one out for myself :-(

    Thanks Very much for your message it's really appreciated. I tried to reply to you yesterday but I wouldn't send.

  • What grain size are you having problems with? I need to order some and wanted to check first. Thank you.

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