Resizing a text box on this forum

Text boxes used to get bigger as you wrote more in them. Now they've changed so that they stay the same (small) size and a scroll bar appears on the left. This is annoying. But you can change the size of it by click and dragging the bottom right hand side of the text box to make it much bigger.

I don't know why they made this change, it won't be obvious to people that they can click and drag and it used to resize automatically, why change that?

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  • I don't know why they changed that. It was fine as it was :(

    Thanks for letting us know about this. I think, if I get time, I will have to put together a blog of all these useful tips and pin it, when I get that functionality back!

  • Hi Carolyn, It would be lovely if you could blog all these tips .so that we could all print them out. I. for one would be so grateful. Janet.

  • Hopefully I'll get time to do one over the next couple of days. My brain is fried at the moment ;)

  • I tried that, couldn't get it to work. :-(

  • Where you have the dashes in the bottom right hand corner is where the 'handle' is. Click and drag and you should be able to stretch the box :)

  • Thanks, but not sure what you mean by dashes, can't see anything but a dotted line round the whole box and the scroll arrows when the text gets long enough. Can't pick up anything to drag. Wonder if it's different depending on browser?

  • If you have clicked on "Reply to this" and have a text box waiting to type, at the bottom right corner I see an arrow-head made up of six dots. Click on that and drag it down. Or to the right.

    Have a look at this picture if you wish:


  • It appears that it appears differently in different browsers.

  • It does. Firefox and Safari appear to do something sensible.

    Internet Explorer doesn't - it seems to be fixed size.

    Considering around 20% of people are using IE these days...

    Users with any version of Windows prior to 7 cannot use IE 10 - and IE 9 and before seem not to be compatible.


  • This is a terrible oversight really. Many people can't afford to upgrade to the latest operating system and may not know about other free browsers :(

    Chrome seems to be pretty good too. I'm not having any problems other than the ones everyone is having.

  • TUK's website stats show that approximately 30% of visitors are using IE, and two thirds of those use IE9 or below.

    Since the TUK website is likely to receive much the same visitor population as this TUK Support site, it is quite staggering to think that this site is 'off limits' to so many of our potential (and existing) members. :(

    Not only can many people not afford to upgrade computers to run latest versions of software, but lots of people access the group through their work computers. I'm quite certain that employers are simply NOT going to upgrade or install alternative browsers so that their staff can access the HU site!

  • Very good point! I know we can't install it at school (we can't access an awful lot of stuff, being a school) so I'm sure there are other places where this is not practical :(

    20% of users is a lot of people who can't access the site. Quite shocking really!

  • I looked at your screenshot. I don't see that arrow in this box. I'm using IE 10 in Windows 7.

  • On an IPad you CAN NOT change the size of this box. You can see only four lines of text so this is a huge mistake on the part of HU. The same applies on an IPHONE if, that is you can ever sign in!

    Obviously HU are only expecting you to write text type answers or are we all expected to start talking in twitter speak here!!!

  • Please no twitter speak! I have enough trouble as it is ;)

    Can you email HU on please, stating your device, OS and browser. Hopefully they'll get this sorted out quickly!

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