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There seems to have been a lot more "text speak" and other abbreviated language in posts recently. Please avoid this so that others can read your contributions more readily.

Many people suffering from thyroid issues struggle enough reading properly written replies without struggling to interpret lots of shortened "words". Shortened forms which make perfect sense to you, the poster, at the time, might make little sense to someone else, whose first language possibly isn't English, and who might be feeling awful and brain-fogged.

In order to give an example of the difficulty of understanding slang/text speak, I have converted the above into a form of text speak:

ther sEmz 2 hav Bin a lot mo "text speak" & othR abbreviated lngwij n posts recntly. pls avoid DIS so dat others cn rED yor contributions mo readily.

mNE ppl suffering frm thyroid isUz struggle Enuf reading properly RitN replies w/o struggling 2 interpret lots of shortnD "words". shortnD forms whch mAk perfect senS 2 you, d poster, @ d time, mite mAk ltl senS 2 SOME1 else, whuz 1st lngwij possibly isn't English, & hu mite b fEln awful & brain-fogged.

Thank you

[ A repeated posting of a blog I posted around two months ago. ]

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Here, here! I find text-speak infuriating. I have a friend who refuses to use punctuation and that combined with text-speak words means I have to read everything she writes about four times before I understand the gist. Is there a way to get spell check applied to our posts...it might help?

Stiltski, no spell check on HU as far as I'm aware. My speeling errers aren't highlighted anyway :(

There is a spelling checker facility built-in to most browsers. Firefox has had one for many years, and Safari, Opera, Chrome and, in recent versions, even Internet Explorer.

(If you are using, for example, Windows XP or Vista you cannot upgrade Internet Explorer to a recent-enough version. Switch browser or upgrade Windows.)

Helvella, I must have lost the FF spellchecker when I reinstalled recently. Just added a British English Dictionary so that will hopefully help me. Thanks.

I usually only notice my typos after I have pressed submit reply. I am hopeless with the abbreviations you often see used so text speak is like a foreign language to me.

Autocorrect is the worst! I don't notice them until after I posted sometimes and I usually check what I've written first.

Totally agree with that! I can read mine through and it's fine but press enter, reply or whatever it can change into a foreign language!

Well, I'm impressed with your text speak, Rod. I never got the hang of it myself. Even my texts are written out In full with correct punctuation. I'm clearly showing my age ;)

Thank the on-line English-to-text-speak translator I found. :-)


Does it work the other way round!? Lol

Blimey it does up to a point!

"there seems to have been a lot mo "text speak" and other shortened language and posts recently. please prevent this so dat others can rED your contributions mo readily. many people suffering from gland that makes hormones issues struggle enough reading properly written replies without struggling to translate lots of shortened "words". shortened forms which make flawless sense to you, the poster, at the time, might make ltl sense to someone otherwise, whats first language possibly is not English, and who might be feeling terrible and brain-fogged."

Good to know I'm not the only one who hasn't a clue how to read text speak or abbreviations :-)

Quite frankly, I think it's one of the rudest things to do! If you can't be bothered to take the time to write a clear, intelligible post, especially if you're wanting to ask a question, why should the rest of us be bothered to try and decipher the drivel in order to help you?

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