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Recommendations for Gloucestershire based GPs

I have recently done a test for Pyroluria and it came back as strongly positive. This explains my problems with B12, low stomach acid, hypothyroid issues and many more issues. Before I can start treatment (B6, Zinc and a few other nutrients), I need to take some more tests and gets some advice tailored on the results.

Considering that my current GP was completely in the dark about vitamin B12, and refused to accept I had low levels, I don't see him being helpful with this much less mainstream issue. Consequently, anyone have any recommendations as to any good/open-minded/supportive GPs in the Gloucestershire based area?


Recommendations via private messages please in line with posting guideline #24, thank you.

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Whitenoise, email to see whether there are any NHS GPs from Glos. on the list of doctors recommended by members. If there are bear in mind they will have been recommended for thyroid treatment not vitamin deficiencies.


Thanks Clutter, although Louse was only able to assist with Private doctors. It's proving difficult to find recommendations of a good open minded NHS GP!


Hi whitenoise

Can I ask where you obtained the test for pyroluria ?

I tick so many boxes I'm beginning to think I need to check this.


A x


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