Are GM foods sneaking into the UK?

Be ever vigilant!

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Thank you for the heads up! I was under the impression GM foods were banned here, but obviously I got that badly wrong.

I think they are banned, but there are always ways round everything! Especially where money is concerned!!!

No, not banned. But they have to be labelled.

Well, that's disappointing! I thought the UK would have the sense to ban them.

The EU have ruled that it would be 'illegal' to ban them. Monsanto must have paid a LOT of money.

Makes you lose faith in humanity, doesn't it. :(


What counts as a GM food?

Apparently a considerable proportion of vitamin C is made from maize which is GM. Vitamin C is a very pure substance at the end of the production line so the GM aspect is probably irrelevant as regards consuming it - but it leaves people in a position of not being able to entirely opt-out of the GM chains.

I would imagine that the definition would be : anything that still has the modified gene in it. If vit C doesn't, then fine.

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