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Hypothyroid and perimenaupausal arthritis ,,devils claw?

Hello all

I am posting a question if any one knows the answer could they please let me know,!

I was diagnosed hypothyroid (hashimotos poss) any how have been put on 50 mg levothyroxine.

Unfortunately I also became perimenaupausal too and had a hip and knee bursitis, on my right leg.. this has now become a lot better, but my left hip has now developed the same but i can hardly walk, and i have massive pains in my back and leg now. Yes I know im having a bit of a rough time, but I wondered if there are any women out there suffering the same, and if any one has tried Devils Claw, which is a natural pain killer,? I cant take hrt as i had breast cancer, so I wondered if anyone has tried this?

i hope you are all ok out there and still struggling to feel better with thyroid issues, but as lots of you know when you get older ones body doesn't behave as well as normal and it needs a little help,, if any one has tried this and found it successful, ?

Best Wishes to all who helped me through my really rough time


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I use devil's claw for general aches and pains and find it helpful. I buy the loose herb which is cheaper than tablets and brew into a tea. Doesn't taste pleasant at first but one soon gets used to it........and if it works - worth it!


Be careful where you source you're herbs like Devils Claw from. There's a Chinese website that I stumbled upon where they sell herbals of all kinds by the barrel full to pill makers/distributors who then sell this stuff on to us at a premium.

Just a thought from me as I'm now growing my own herbs and vegetables organically and am trusting less and less in the so-called health food distributors.

Off my soap box now and good night all from Oz.

best of health to all !

I know it isn't the same as herbs grown I'm the Himalayas but at least I know what's in it


Thanks JaYNE22, I buy from Baldwin's which are a long established London company, of course don't I necessarily know where they source supplies so will check on that. Grew my own herbs for a time but kept forgetting to label so didn't always know if something was to flavour food or to repel moths!


I don't know about Devils claw. I had hip bursitis. Painful to even touch. I did get 2 shots of cortisone. Its gone. So either being on the right amount of meds for my thyroid or the 2 shots did it. Its been about a year since I let them give me a shot. I am not big on the med thing but I have to say something worked. For me I think the thyroid being treated right took away my aches and pains. All the best to you. xo Susita


Have you had your vit d level checked by your GP? I had terrible pains & could barely walk all due to a serious vit D deficiency. My pains all went when this was corrected & my bone density consequently had been restored.


I think your dose is too low. Your "bursitus" is most probably low thyroid. I got rid of most of my pain with t3..self medicated.

Bio identical Hormones are safe to use when you have had Cancers and can help to prevent Cancers actually, so does adequate thyroid hormone.


Thankyou faith

but according to my blood tests im on the right dose, of levo,, i just hate this menopause just after i thought i had just about recovered from becoming hypothyroid and i was dreadfully ill, and i just thought id come out of the woods and bang after my right hip went and i had a bursitis too on my knee, this took a year to get better and its only about 85% better, now the other one has gone and im going to have to turn up at work with yet another fit note saying i cant walk till this has sorted it self out,, they are going to think im taking the mickey!!

but thanks for your comments


many thanks



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