Wockhardt (the devils spawn)


I think there are a few older posts about this make of the 25mcg levo, but just wanted to know if anyone more recently has had problems with this brand of levo? I've tried this brand twice now, two seperate occasions and the first time, I felt achy, lethargic, unwell etc after about a week of being on it and I tend to respond reasonably well to levo in general, anyway at the time, about 3 to 4 months ago, I did a stock take of the supps I was taking, food I was eating, as I thought that migjht be the issue and then it dawned on me, the new brand of levo I had collected from chemist...I stopped taking them immediately, chopped a 50mcg pill in half to get my 25 mcg part of my dose, albeit a rough 25 mcg dose with the chopping and I felt ok'ish again after about a week and continued to feel rather good. Had a month or so, of a different brand again of of the 25's and again felt ok. Then 31st Jan collects my thyroid meds from the chemist and great! I have Wockhardt again... anyway, I thought I would give them the benefit of the doubt and try taking them again, having convinced myself that maybe I imagined all the achy pains etc before. Anyway, after a week, I started to get real bad aches and pains, felt absolutely shattered and all this culminated in me getting a severe pain in my right calf, it just slowly bult up over a week, so no sudden trauma etc, just started with gurgly calves and then the right one decided to go boom and now I can hardly walk! This came to a head on Sat morning and since, I've been in agony! So, back to my original question, who else, recently has had or has issues with this brand of levo...? Or is it just my imagination... O_O

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  • I was ill on Wockhardt. I can only take Actavis. To get 25 dose, I used to cut a 50 in half. Brands of levothyroxine really, really matter. Mercury Pharma nearly killed me. I now buy Hennings from Germany, but I am slowly going over to Nature Throid.

    Poor you! It's not your imagination!


  • Thanks Joey! Its a bloomin (can think of a much stronger word) lottery!!

    We rely on the pharmacutical company's to get it right, what a joke!

  • Fill in a yellow card if you have problems with a brand. Enough yellow cards will prompt an investigation. Though IMO one complaint should be enough for an investigation. yellowcard.mhra.gov.uk/

  • Here we go again. Nothing got done over a year ago when many people complained about Mercury Pharma and Wockhardt and enough of us sent in yellow cards then.

  • Well, its the only system we have so we have to keep plugging away at it.

  • I completely agree with you galathea.

    We do not know what the impact has been of yellow card reports but if every member of this group who has had poor experiences filled one in, the MHRA would notice. In years to come, at some public inquiry, "And when you saw ten times as many yellow cards for levothyroxine as any other product, did you do anything?" could be a tough question for people to face.

    Let us NOT forget that the Teva sub-potency issue was noticed because of yellow cards.

    Not filling in yellow cards allows it all to be ignored in perpetuity.

  • Ah, thanks galathea! Will do!

  • Just gone back to Hennings the past 2 days as could not tolerate the awful plastic taste from the liquid Levo (teva). Why does all the Levo in the UK have such terrible side-effects! Have to say that apart from what it is doing to my skin the Liquid Levo has been good for not having aches and pains as bad as Mercury or Wockhardt (both these are made by the same manufacturer). Tried to go on Thyroid-S but this put my BP up too much, so will have to have another think.

  • Jill, Wockhardt has less fillers than Mercury Pharma and Actavis so suits some people better than others. However, people do react adversely to some brands and you've certainly given it the benefit of the doubt. You can tell your pharmacist that you won't accept Wockhardt and ask for an alternative 25mcg (I think MP may do one) to see whether that suits. If not, ask your GP to prescribe 50mcg doses which you can halve.

  • I am now taking wockhardt doing ok on it. couldnt tolerate mercury pharma or henning became very ill on henning. how i wish eltroxin was back did fantastic on it


  • Not sure I've ever had henning, deffo had pharma before though and I'm sure I've been ok. Well, I think.....

  • Thanks clutter, I am deffo not going to accept these any longer and will tell my pharmacist that too. The bag is always sealed so I shall have to just open it and politely ask for more 50's or an alternative for the 25's

  • Jill, pharmacist may have to order in alternative 25mcg and won't be able to swap half the quantity of 50mcg for 25mcg so sort it out ahead.

  • I'm afraid I am completely on the other side of the fence... I can ONLY take the Wockhardt brand as all the others make me itch so much I end up scratching myself raw! But you can refuse certain brands if you know they are likely to cause you problems. I get my medicines from the pharmacy at my GPs surgery and they have made a note on my prescription now to supply only Wockhardt. Have a word with your pharmacist, they are pretty accommodating people most of the time, especially when there's a good reason for your request.

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