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Hypothyroid and miserable


So I want to say that I'm not up to date With my blood tests and as of a few months ago I had an ultrasound of the thyroid because of the plethora of lumps/bumps I felt when touching my throat. They did indeed find nodules but they don't appear to be cancerous. Here is the thing, I can't seem to swallow without choking ( it feels like liquid is going down the wrong pipe) has this happened to anyone else?

Also the weight gain is out of control. I'm on levo .123 and my hair is falling out one by one.. Okay clump by clump, I'm freezing my skin looks like the snake that just molted. You get the idea..

I'm just wondering if anyone has tried going the natur route and if so besides gluten free and vitamin D what have you tried?

Thanks so much.


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Jules25, you need to get a thyroid blood test to see whether you need a dose increase. Post the results with the lab ref ranges and members will be able to advise. Ask for ferritin to be tested too because low iron also causes hair loss.

If you are undermedicated the thyroid gland swells to try to produce more hormone. This may cause swallowing problems if it causes the nodules to compress the windpipe.

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Hello Jules25

Your symptoms sound like mine when I am under medicated. It is really miserable feeling so unwell but you can not move forward until you get your thyroid hormone blood test results to ascertain what is going on.

Ask for Vit B12, Vit D, Ferritin & Folate to be tested as difficiencies can cause your thyroid meds to not be able to work properly.

Also ask to be tested for antibodies TPOAb and TGAb. Hashimotos is an extremely common auto immune disease that attacks the thyroid and could well be causing it to swell.

Post all blood test results for others to comment on.

Believe you will feel better when your thyroid problems are properly treated and take special care of yourself.

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sounds to me like you need a much higher dose of thyroid meds or that your




vit d3 are low

and they are not allowing your body to even utilise the thyroxine

without seeing your test results for the above plus


Free T4

Free T3

we simply cannot tell

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I was like this when under medicated. I seem to need more thyroid meds than the bloods would indicate. I was also vitamin D and B12 deficient but upping my meds made the biggest change along with adding T3

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Hi jules, maybe you are under dosed...or maybe it just isn't converting what you are taking. Personally i think everyone should start on a natural thyroid like Armour or Erfa. It has many more components than a synthetic T4 which is not considered a hormone until converted to T3.

Thyroid hormone controls smooth muscle. Your throat is made up of smooth muscle so while you may have some obstruction because of the nodules, it could be that your muscles need more thyroid.

It truly is a very complicated condition.

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Hi Everybody! Thanks so much for your responses to my post. I went to get my blood test and I found out today that my

TSH : 47.41

T4: 4.0 L

T4 free: 0.6

T4 index (T7) : 1.2

I'm assuming the low #'s are due to the fact that the Thyroxine is not dosed correctly.

I have a new PT appt with another Endo Wednesday but if anyone has any input about my TSH #

And. Also my hemoglobin reads

5.7 H

Does this mean I am diabetic or Pre?

Of course I know I need to wait to speak to the dr but I wanted to post after reading your posts.

Thanks again



Julie, Pettals posted a wonderful video by a man who understands how the body works. You mentioned your high hemoglobin which is red blood cells and I think might be due to thick blood. Dr. Bergman mentions this in some of his videos. It could be just dehydration. I think the man is brilliant even though his manner is rather casual, you will learn what you can do for yourself. Unlike GPs these days, he respects the body's mechanism and doesn't believe in too much interference with terrible chemicals which are unfortunately more and more invasive in our food supply. I think you will learn so much from watching if you have time.

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Thank you so much for introducing this Dr to me and replying

All my best,



Hi Julie, the man has about ten videos on thyroid alone. I think he is a marvelous teacher. His video on neuropathy is another you should watch.

I'm sorry you had no replies on your last post. Since you posted it under your own original post I'm afraid no one saw it. They wouldn't be notified of a response unless you make it a reply. At least I think that is what happened. I got your message to me because you posted as a reply.

What has happened in the three months? Your TSH of 47 is very high. At least your pituitary is working well:) I know it is hard to get a thorough treatment through the conventional lines and that's why I liked Dr. Bergman because these doctors do not ignore the message the body is sending you (and it always does) but regular doctors hardly look at symptoms anymore. I hope you can help yourself with the knowledge you get from the "other" doctors. Here is another one that teaches although doesn't offer much advice online but can explain what may be going on.


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