Feeling very down

I have today been to see an NHS Endo. Thyroid results in Jan 2015 were TSH 2.2(.35-4.94) T4 <5.2 (9-19.1) and T3 4.27 (3.6-6.5) I am on T3 only and I told him that I had increased my dose from 50mcg to 60mcg daily in 3 doses. He said I should not have done this as I was "in range ". I said I felt better and he said that was irrelevant. I told him that I was given Ciprofloxacin in August and that had reduced my B12 from 1065 to 409. He replied that it was still in range and so it didn't matter! I have had many bad reactions to the Cipro and I am trying very hard to feel. Any help or comments gratefully received x

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  • Cipro is the last thing you need

    ignore the ignorant nhs endo if 60 mcg t3 makes you feel better thats what your body needs

    be very sure to take betaine before meals to correct low stomach acid

    take 2000mg vit c a day

    compound vit b

    a good multi vitamin before bed too

  • Thank you so much x I am taking vit C compound vit b and multi vit and vit d. I will investigate betaine

  • It really sounds as though your doctor isn't interested in making you feel better! Why does he think people go to see a doctor? Have you considered changing GP? Or at lease finding someone more sympathetic in your practice. Your TSH is still too high, especially for someone on T3. Your T4 level is irrelevant, and your T3 level isn't spectacular. With a doctor like that I can understand why people self-medicate!

  • Thank you. It's turning in to a nightmare x

  • I improved while ont3+t4. But really feeling good since 5weks after changing to nature throid. I've just posted an update. I agree with the earlier posts find a sympathetic doctor.

  •  I wouldn't be so quick to change doctors if he is the one that wrote you a prescription for T3, you might not find another that will, not that he is right or fair about his answer, just get what you need out of him and then buy more online.

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