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24 hour urine test - not much urine?

Hi all,

I was feeling a bit better on the levo 75mcg. I took it together with 1mg iodine a day. When my latest blood test showed the thyroid was now optimal I stopped with the iodine. I believe this was a big mistake because since then (about 4 weeks ago) I'm slowly feeling ill again and symptoms come back. I think the combination of the levo and iodine was just perfect for me.

So I contacted my naturopathic doctor, she helps me with the vitamins/minerals and other things my GP doesn't know anything about. She told me we had to test iodine again, I just finished the 24 hour urine collection. If this is good I will go to my GP to test the thyroid again.

Now my question, I drank 5 glasses of water (5x250ml) and my total urine was 350ml after 24 hours. This is way too low, right? I will get the result wednesday so will ask but maybe anyone knows here..(could it be the thyroid?).

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The normal amount of urine passed in a day is approximately 800ml up to 2 litres. However, you aren't drinking enough so that probably accounts for your low urinary output. We should all be drinking about 2 litres of fluid per day. Clemmie

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