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Unsure if this is the right NDT

I saw some thyroid -S made by sriprasit online (60 mg) has anyone tried this and is this the right strength. I see a lot of posts about NDT and and confused to what type of NDT you should get if you want to swop over from the synthetic stuff. I am currently on.125 of Levothyroxine . Many thanks.

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Yes I started on this just over a month ago.

I wanted to begin with a low dose so used a pill cutter (from Amazon) to cut pill into quarters and started on 0.5 grain a day in 2 doses, (one quarter pill first thing and another about 3pm). I was on just 50mcg Levo but still hypo on that dose


Thank you for your reply. I wonder what I should start on as I am on 125 of levothyroxine. Recently my doc reduced it to 100 and I was awful so had to put the dose back up. So a little scared of being under medicated for any length of time.

Thanks again and good luck with your quest to feeling better!


I went on this information I found on Thyroid-S website

How to Dose with Natural Desiccated Porcine Thyroid Extract

If you are particularly sensitive to thyroid hormone, then start taking a quarter of a grain (15mgs) only, and stay on this for 7 days. If no adverse effects (i.e. palpitations or feeling ‘strange’), then increase by another quarter of a grain, but take this second quarter grain about 2.00 to 3.00p.m. If still no adverse effects, then, after 3 to 4 weeks of taking half a grain, follow the same instructions below for those who are changing from T4 –only to NDT – who will start

Day One taking quarter of a grain (15mgs) in the morning and quarter of a grain in the afternoon and stay on this for 7 days. If no adverse effects, then…

Day Eight: increase your dose by another half grain (30mgs) a day. Take half a grain in the morning and half a grain in the afternoon and stay on this dose for 3 weeks. If no adverse effects, then…

Three Weeks: increase by another half grain and take 1 grain (60mgs) in the morning and half a grain in the afternoon. Stay on this dose for 3 weeks and again, if no adverse effects, then…increase by another half grain and take one grain in the morning and one grain in the afternoon and stay on this for another 3 weeks.

By this time, you are probably beginning to feel some real difference and noticing that many of your symptoms and signs are disappearing. However, if at any time during this period you begin to feel any palpitations, dizziness, shakiness and generally feeling ‘spaced out’ (and you may feel a little frightened if this happens) – then you need to STOP all your thyroid medication and stay off it for 24 hours at least in order to get the T3 (the culprit!) out of your body. This could happen a couple of hours or so after you have taken your morning dose as the T3 (the active thyroid hormone) peaks in the blood between 2 to 4 hours after taking it. Don’t be alarmed, nobody has ever died of this, honestly, and you will be surprised at how soon you begin to feel normal again. Don’t take any more NDT that day. After 24 hours, start taking your NDT again but drop your dose by the extra half-grain that probably caused this to happen to you. Start taking the dose you were on before the increase.

After 3 to 4 weeks try adding just a quarter of a grain and see how you go from there. This is how many NDT users throughout the world have found what works best for them when increasing their dosage. You will probably only know where your ‘sweet spot’ is when you do actually “go over the top”, because there is really no other way to find this out. I repeat there is nothing to be frightened about; the T3 in NDT leaves your body very quickly. Just try to relax until it has settled down.

Because the T4 and T3 in NDT is standardized to USP specifications, you may find the T4 and T3 hormone balance in NDT may not be the right one for you. You may need a little more thyroxine (T4), or you may need a little more triiodothyronine (T3) and you might need to experiment with this, but many others are happy with NDT on its own.

If you would like to ask your doctor to prescribe one of these brands of NDT – this might be a little difficult, as the vast majority are not acquainted with the facts. However, please do join our Internet Thyroid Support Group where we have lots of information and sample letters that may help you achieve your goal.

This is a big adventure for you all. Always remember that since 1894 to the early 1970’s desiccated porcine (pig) thyroid extract was the ONLY medication for all those suffering the symptoms of hypothyroidism. It has proven VERY successful for the treatment of hypothyroidism for those who didn’t do well on levothyroxine-only therapy.

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Fantastic response. Thanks again for the advice. Sorry for the delay in answering you, I havebeen away during the weekend and the Internet was terrible!


Crwbin1, You can avoid becoming hypo by reducing Levothyroxine (T4) by 50mcg and adding in half a grain (30mg) Thyroid-S and repeating every couple of weeks until you are on 2 grains of Thyroid-S which you should hold for 4 weeks and have a thyroid blood test to check levels before increasing further.


Many thanks Clutter for your reply.

I really appreciate you helping me out, as I am sure everyone you have helped on to theforum does too.

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Yes, thyroid S works for me. Ditched the synthetic poison end 2012 and been on ndt ever since


Thanks for the feedback.


Yes Crwbin1, sripasitI use Thyroid-s (sriprasit,) and have found no problem, apart from trying to find the right happy medium dose for myself.


I Must admit that was my worry, but the advice given has been really helpful. Good luck with getting your meds sorted.


Hi All, since my messages with you and then because of health issues (taken into hospital for a suspected heart attack and kept in for two weeks ) And also ofmy other health problems- GORD, historic pulmonary embolisms (x2) ,bladder problems , I got scared of changing to NDT without medical supervision in case something else happens to me and they could point the finger and say it was my fault!.

However, I have had a meeting with a thyroid consultant who I told I was feeling awful , headaches, hair falling out, low sex drive, fatigued and feeling generally unwell and said I wanted to try NDT cut a long story short-he is prepared to let me try Armour (that's the type hospital use)on a 3 month basis only ( he does not want me to go on NDT as he believes that not enough evidence to say it helps any better than Levothyroxine and that heart conditions could come from it) as other people have been given the opportunity to use it from that hospital so a precedent has been done so can't deny me having a trial.

I am on125 Levo and reading some of the posts it going to take be a long while to transfer totally to NDT and then my trial will be up and if he sees no improvement will take me off them again.

I have also had it confirmed I have Hashimoto

Today is the day he will prescribe Armour!

So my question is: what is best way (doses)/time scale to transfer to NDT and do I use Levo too in conjunction and if so and what doses/time frame. So I am prepared to try and argue for a little more time from him. I am seen by him this afternoon (grandkids have been here and appointment loomed up before I realised!) so if anyone is able to I would've really grateful for a reply. Many thanks in advance.


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