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raise Armour for better results?

Would it be enough to raise the Armour to get the same results as you did before the reformulation; if cellulose decreases thyroid hormone absorption, it would make sense to take more in order to get the same amount of hormones into your bloodstream, right...?

I don't know if there any members here who were on Armour before the unappreciated 2009 reformulation but, if that is the case, I would love to know how you dealt with the reformulated version; did you need an increase and then felt fine, or was your impression that, no matter what you tried, it would not work as well as the old Armour...?

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Anna, everyone responds to NDT brands and reformulations differently. If the current formulation and dose you are taking don't appear to be working for you, tweak the dose to see whether you feel improvement or consider another brand. Bear in mind that your body will have changed since 2009 and if the old Armour still existed you may still have needed to make dose or brand changes. You should also check your levels of ferritin, vitamin D, B12 and folate as good levels aid absorption of thyroid replacement, aid conversion of T4 to T3 and increase wellbeing.


That is so interesting, thanks! The STTM website seems to blame everything on the Armor reformulation...which might now be true, after all...thanks again for the useful information!


HI I tried that it still was wrong and now take nature Thiroid.



The microcrystalline cellulose might not act equally on T4 and T3. It might affect where in the gut the hormones are sufficiently available for absorption. Or all sorts of other things.

We simply do not have sufficient information and understanding to properly assess the issues. Therefore we end up having to rely on patient experiences.


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