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Symptoms of Hypo?


I have had hashimotos for a decade or so and have no thyroid at all so I know most symptoms but someone recently said in a post that losing collagen around the jaw is also a sign. I have to use cortisone on my face sometimes and I thought that was what was causing the deep lines that appear quite suddenly. Is there anything I can do about this?

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Deep lines sounds to me like a growth hormone deficiency. Has your upper lip shrunk? Have your gums receded? If so, it is low growth hormone (HGH). Lot's of hypos have low HGH because you need T3 to produce HGH, but you need HGH to convert T4 to T3. So, a viscious circle. The only way out is to have HGH injections (horrendously expensive) or add some T3 to your T4 (if you are taking T4 only). I Don't know any other way to deal with it. Sorry.


Thanks Greygoose, I'm working up to getting some T3


Good. I hope it works for you. :)


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