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Put lives before politics

Put lives before politics

The Innovation Bill has been debated four times in the House of Lords, amended, improved and passed to the House of Commons unanimously with cross-party support from the Tory and Labour parties.

The Innovation Bill will allow doctors to think outside the box and give treatments that may help but where research has not been done for that particular condition.

However, Nick Clegg and the Liberal Democrats have prevented the House of Commons from debating the Medical Innovation Bill.

Alex Smith has set up a petition to try to change Nick Clegg's mind because his son's doctor won't prescribe medication for fear of being sued. Ring a bell anyone?

If you think this should be debated in the House of Commons, do sign the petition:

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Have signed, some Doctor's can't even think inside the box let alone think outside of the box, in our experiences. ;) :)


Me too.

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As long as doctors are paid to prescribe and drug companies want to create profits the patient will always come last.


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