Sign petition for law allowing doctors to try non-standard treatments

Forgive me if I'm screeching to the converted, as many of you will already know about this, but a Bill is currently going through Parliament to allow doctors to try alternative treatments on patients with their consent. Health Minister Jeremy Hunt has said that he will pass it if enough people indicate that they want it. Here is a link to the petition. You might also consider writing.

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Thanks for posting..... signed...



Well done that woman!

I'm preparing a post on the negative impact wifi has on the thyroid. Are you aware of the science on this?


Thank You, archipoeta53, for posting. I have signed and commented.


I've signed, and posted it on Facebook

Me too :-)

Attagirl! Or boy!

Thanks for posting,

Just signed.



Can't sign it caus I live in Ireland but best of lipuck

Sorry meant luck

I like a wish for lipuck, if it comes from the heart. Good luck and love to you too.


Signed too. Should I have contributed cash? - quite happy to but wasn't sure.


I have signed and left my comment, it would be great if this could go somewhere.

Signed too, with Tony. I hope more signatures will arrive soon. Best wishes to all. E x

I've signed this too, as of yesterday they still needed 3500 more signatures, so if you haven't done so yet, please sign xx

Done! A long-held wish to be able to give consent without holding a doctor responsible is hopefully to be realised by this.

Face booked and Tweeted too.


And circulated?

Signed! I'll share this around with folks I know too.

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