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frustratingly ill :(

been dx with m/e 11yrs now, felt i was UAT right from start as was eneamic throu pregnacy an couldnt eat last 3-4 months i lost 2 st of my own body weight an baby was 6lb an very healthy thank god, but i never recovered an ave got worst pain levels over the yrs, i ave had TSH bloods done 6 times since an was told i am fine!!! my weight had fluctuated to put on couple st then loosing it then putting on blah blah, then had wot i can only call a hypo/adrenal surge 2 yrs ago an couldnt sleep getting only 4 hrs most nights an feel like i on a high but eratic mood swings, one min happy next crying me eyes out, anyway, my mum also died that yr an i went to a very bad crash an dark place, it scared me as never been so bad as that b4, they took me down the mental health root an couldnt find a cause or help me! even put me on HRT an that made me very sick an like a zombie, well took me 10months to feel better an come out of the crash, then 6 month on from then i started putting on weight yet again but worst an by xmas gone look 9 months pregnant an it was making feel sickly an very constipated amongst other things, then went into this;; HyPO'' mode again in jan this yr an still struggling now an only getting 4 yrs if lucky sleep again !!! i also read a great book tears behind closed doors, she was dx m/e 23 yrs an in wheelchair, then got dx with thyroids probs an she realised this was the prob all along, she was medicated an started to walk again with in wks so she has inspired me to get all my bloods test !!! i didnt no there were more ! now waiting on results for T4 cortisol. VIT D he wouldnt do anymore test as doent think anything wrong with me as is says TSH is fine at 0.5 an this level has dropped over last 5 yrs from top of scale to bottom ? i also found out from an aunt i not seen in yrs women on my dads side r all underactive T so i am on a mission sorry for long post lol xxx

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Diana's book is amazing and I bet it's changed many lives. So glad you found it - and found us. :) Welcome!

How daft that he won't test Vit D? Maybe he's afraid you'll be found to be very deficient (which you probably are!). Is there another doctor in the practice who might have more common sense?

When you get your results do please post them here and we'll tell you what we think! If you could post results and their ranges that's really helpful. How much Levo are you on at the moment?


the dr i saw is head of practise hun, never had any other bloods done than norm basic full bloods! an yet as a nation we r all prob lacking some VIT D an esp the illl as we dont get out as much as we would like to x thats just it i am on no meds an just trying to struggle on till i get the proof : ( do u understand when i mention these highs (hypo maybe) ??? not come across anyone else, it is affecting my life very much with friends an family! i feel so sorry for my kids i ave even thought bout going away till i am well, its not nice for them to see let alone b at ends of my mood swings bless em xx


Hypos do tend to get mood swings.

Have you had your antibodies tested - TPOab and Tgab? You could very well have autoimmune hypo and that would explain a lot. If your doctor won't test them, you could have then done privately. You should also have FT3 and vit B12.


hi i am just bout to put new post....thankyou x




they tried to block my T4 !!!!


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