I have the "great " privilege of having that super wonderful prize of autoimmune thyroiditis !!

Had it for 13 years !

Ever since I returned to the frozen North, Scotland................Glasgow

Every day I have been back in this lovely country I realise that the lack of sunlight has triggered my autoimmune disease......check out "Sunlight Robbery" by Oliver Gillie..........I lived in London from 1980 -2002 and my health was the best it had ever been......

Then I moved back North and then my health went DOWN........

Look forward to working with all of you in similar positions........



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  • Welcome to the forum, David555.

    Autoimmune diseases can take up to 40 years to develop and then bang! it makes itself evident and impossible to ignore, so it's a bit unfair to blame Glasgow for Hashimoto's, although the lack of sun and warmth is deffo Glasgow's fault for being so far North :-D

  • I know someone who lives in sunny California and has it, actually 2 people there. I live in the US midwest and have it. It is not about lack of sunshine.

  • Always good to look at the whole picture ! Of course the sun is important - we all know that on this forum :-) If you type VitD into the Search Box you will see how many times it has been discussed.......we just love talking about VitD :-) How is your B12/Ferritin/Folate/Iron ?

  • Hi Marz

    Thank you for replying. When I lived in London from 1980 my health was the best in my life. When I moved back to Glasgow in 2002 my health declined and I developed this Hashimotos !! So I know that there must be a connection . I take Seeking Health Optimal vitamin D3 (10,000 iu) every day. I have also started experimenting with Max Health Labs Liposomoal Vitamin D3 (Boy this stuff is good !!, but expensive ). I also take vitamin K as well as you need to when you take lots of vit d3.

    I also take home made Liposomal Vitamin C............dont have colds/flu !!

    I have Haemochromatosis (Iron Overload -Celtic Curse !!) so low iron is not the problem......just the reverse !Regular venesections keep my iron level in the safe zone.

    I take a high dose of B12 and Folate as well as all the important minerals and vitamins,Selenium,Zinc, Magnesium etc.

    I wish all the best to you,


  • How did you heal the gut ? - and did that reduce your anti-bodies ?

  • Hi Marz

    My gut is still a problem. I take high dose (50 billion +) probiotic and have done for some time. I have not tested my antibodies for a while as I came to the conclusion that as this changes hour by hour and day by day so is not really that effective way of measuring the autoimmune response.

    Have you managed to heal your gut ?

    Best wishes


  • ...based on my anti-bodies - NO ! Based on my Crohns - Fine !

  • Hi Marz

    I am sorry to hear about your Crohns. My brother had this. Have you tried LDN ? The results for patients with Crohns can be remarkable and there are no side effects from this cheap and potent drug as well for other autoimmune conditions.

    I attended the Essential Health Clinic here in Glasgow and saw Dr Tom Gilhooly one of the World leading experts in LDN.He was the only person I have ever seen that told me that my Haemochromotosis can be triggered by Hashimotos !! This made perfect sense as my iron levels were only 910 which at 56 years of age was nothing to someone with that condition. Most people are in the thousands.......

    Check him out:


    It is obvious that you take your health seriously I and I take it that moving to a better climate than the UK climate was motivated for health reasons for you and your husband ?

    Best wishes


  • No the move was motivated by a need for dosh in retirement ! We sold up in the UK and we were able to build two houses and a pool here with the same money - so no contest. The Guest Villa is our Pension Pot and keeps us busy - along with the olives :-)

    I have read loads about LDN - and was almost there with starting - but something stopped me - not sure what ! I only ever read good things - and will certainly follow your suggested link. Thank you....

    After the Ileo-caecal TB I took so many awful drugs for so long - I seem to have been anti pills ever since. I will be re-considering after the current treatment with my Physio for reducing anti-bodies with acupuncture. :-)

  • David, do you have your vitD level checked once or twice a year? I was vitD deficient in Nov 13 and had loading doses and maintenance doses for 10 weeks until vitD was 107. Then supplemented 5,000iu daily Mar-Dec. and when tested vitD was 384 (75-200) which risks causing stones in kidneys, bladder, gall etc.

  • Hi Clutter

    No my Doctor being the classic school does not think that I warrant regular testing due to my bone destiny scan 2 years ago !!

    There are over 52,000 articles/research papers Worldwide which show that we are incredibly at risk from Vit D3 deficiency and how important it is to us. It is not a vitamin but actually a Hormone which accounts for 30% of our body functions.

    Check out Jeff Bowles in his book and his own experimentation with VERY high levels of Vit D3 ( 50,000-100,000).

    He is a Doctor and read what he found.........incredible......and guess what no kidney stone,bladder or gall problems. Cured basically all his medical issues.

    The only thing you need to check is that your supplement with Vitamin K2/K3 to stop the Vitamin D3 taking calcium from your bones. Jeff covers this very well in his book which is a revelation.


    Basically it is a myth that high levels of Vit D3 give you these problems. The medical profession have these in large numbers. We are told that high levels of vitamin C damages the kidneys. My family have been taking high levels (liposomal Vitamin C) for the last 5 years and all our kidneys are fine. In fact vitamin C protect the kidneys.It is also so fundamental to humans but we lost the ability to naturally manufacture it some 50,000 years ago thereby removing the protection that it provides the animal kingdom. Animals produce 10-15 grams per day, more when they are under stress.How much do you see dog and cats with flu and infections ?

    Sorry that I ranted on but I have have very little/no support from Doctors/Endos over the years but the ones that stand out are the ones that question everything. I carry that questioning on in my quest for optimal health !!

    Best wishes


  • thefatemperor.com/blog/2014...

    Thought you may like this GREAT video - when you have 90 mins to spare. The time will fly ! Please pass it on.

    You can get your D tested privately through the post with City Assays in Birmingham. They have a website. It's around 25 GBP's....

    Apologies if you have seen the video before....

  • David, VitD deficiency or low levels are a common problem but too much of anything can also be bad.

    You can order a private vitD test from City Assaysfor £28via thyroiduk.org.uk/tuk/testin...

  • Hi David,

    As a proud Glaswegian it seems a bit harsh to blame the city for you problem BUT being cold does seem to play a part in our thyroid health. Do you take Vitamin D? If so , can I recommend that you take a sublingual version with Vitamin K. This has helped me. You can buy it from Natural Balance. I do hope you enjoy the good parts of Glasgow. As you can tell I love my city.

  • Hi

    I love Glasgow as well but the lack of proper good sunlight is a factor !! When I lived in London from 1980 my health was the best in my life. When I moved back to Glasgow in 2002 my health declined and I developed this Hashimotos !! So I know that there must be a connection . I take Seeking Health Optimal vitamin D3 (10,000 iu) every day. I have also started experimenting with Max Health Liposomoal Vitamin D3 (Boy this stuff is good !!). Yes I also take vitamin K as well as you need to when you take lots of vit d3.

    I also take home made Liposomal Vitamin C............dont have colds/flu !!

    Thank you for replying and I wish all the best to you,


  • Hi David,

    Have you tried the sub lingual Vit D with Vit K? I get it at Natural Balance in Great Western Road? I have a fantastic Nutritionist who has changed my life. My latest antibodies reading is half of what it was last June and I feel SO much better. A few years ago I would have laughed at anyone who said a change of diet could make me well. If you are still feeling unwell I recommend seeing a well qualified nutritionist. Mine consults at Natural Balance. Good luck with your health.

  • Hi JD

    Many thanks for the advice about the sublingual Vit D with Vit K. Will look them up when I am next in Great Western Road.

    Best wishes


  • I think there's something about having auto-immune illnesses that affects all body processes. Chances are you've had an autoimmune complaint for years, which in turn has affected how well your body absorbs and utilises nutrients. It's all a bit chicken and egg on the what caused what issue. But undoubtedly, those with autoimmune issues are prone to being deficient in all sorts, especially Vitamin D, ferritin, Vit B12. And taking any one of those means we need (respectively) Vitamin K and magnesium and Vitamin C to keep everything balanced.

    I'm not so sure it's any one factor like lack of sunlight, but a multitude. Food isn't as nutritious as it used to be, furniture is full of toxic flame retardants, fluoride is everywhere, there's oestrogen in our water courtesy of years of pill taking - etc, etc, etc.

    Anyway... welcome to the road back to health! :)

  • Morning David 😎, i'm very much a novice 'at this' but suppose that as lack of sunlight & low Vit D are known at least to be linked to depression, they could be a factor in your Thyroid probs as low Vit D is often a problem in Thyroidies (not saying you are depressed 😱 i'd rather be a lot further away from London than I am!)

  • Hey David!

    I actually developed it a couple of years after moving from Glasgow .....! Don't blame our city, it's far too cool to be the culprit.

    Good luck x

  • Hi Pennyrose

    The only reason I blame it on the North is that when I left Scotland back in 1980 and moved to London my health was the best in my life. When I moved back to Glasgow in 2002 my health declined and I developed autoimmune thyroiditis !! So I feel that there is a strong connection with lack of sunlight.

    Hope you get better !

    All the best


  • I live in Canada and the winters are really hard on me.

  • That makes sense. I realised just recently that, having been well for about 4 years (I also have Hashimoto's.) I became unwell again after spending 9 weeks with my daughter and grandchildren in New Zealand, from January to March, 2 years ago. I was fine whilst there, enjoying lots of sunshine, but on coming back to the UK and the cold and dark of late winter, I gradually sank back into being tired-all-the-time and weight gain. I believe the sudden change from long hot, sunny days to short dark, cold ones tripped my pineal and pituitary glands (all part of the endocrine system, along with the thyroid and adrenals) and upset my thyroid and adrenals again.

    Once it would have taken weeks, if not months, to travel between such extremes of climate and season, but now it is accomplished in a day or two, and I wonder if that does not give our bodies time to properly adjust. I shall look for the book you recommend. Thank you.

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