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IS this Hashimotos? Cancer? Normal?

Hi - I have had Graves for over 25 years, and RAI about 13 years ago. I have been treated with levo since then, with odd adjustments here and there, and been reasonable stable. Now I have fluctuating FT4 from 26 to 30-odd, negligible TSH, have reduced levo but now FT4 has gone up again to 32+ after a blood test yesterday. Doc thinks it is odd - I have a face-to-face appointment in a couple of weeks. Is this just remnants of my thyroid, being a bit over active, or something else. Incidentally, I do not feel 'fast' and would not suspect overactivity. I am not losing weight (quite the opposite...) but I am peri-menopausal. Doc is responsive and sympathetic (odd, I know!), but I would like to do a bit of research before I see her. Where to start?

Many thanks in anticipation ...

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have they tested you to see if like me u were overactive (i had no idea or medication for approx 10yrs) then suddenly i went over and it wasnt the huge 4stone weight id put on in weeks but falling asleep all the time and bad hair loss and numerous breakdowns begging my then dr to of luck :)


Salbobs, it's not uncommon for the thyroid gland of previously hyperthyroid patients to regenerate after RAI. Ask your GP to arrange an ultrasound scan and thyroid antibody blood test, thyroid peroxidase (TPOabab) and thyroglobulin (Tg) for Hashimoto's, and thyroid receptor antibodies (TRab) for Graves. It's also not uncommon to have Hashimoto's and Graves together and either can be attacking remnant thyroid cells remaining after RAI which may cause TSH and FT4 to fluctuate.


Hi Clutter, thanks for that. I will get 'armed' with info and ask for these tests. I also see that oestrogen interferes with thyroid hormone uptake (binding to sites or something, reading late last night...) so my changing sex hormone levels may be causing some of the problems. TSH is not fluctuating as it is barely detectable! Have long thought some of my thyroid function still exists.



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