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Hashis Pain in the Neck Part 2

Hi all

I posted a couple of weeks ago about how much better I felt but I was having the old neck pain symptoms again, hoarseness etc

My bloods finally reflected how much better I'd been feeling (TSH: 0.4 range 0.5-4.5, T4: 12, range 9-23

T3: 5.9, range 3.8-6.9) but the neck thing was annoying so seen the GP who is sending me for a thyroid US scan.

Since Monday my collarbone on my left side has been intermittently sore and is now today visibly swollen and has a large lump. I haven't twisted anything/pulled anything but maybe I'm rash to thing it's to do with the thyroid?

Has anyone experienced anything similar? Any advice? I've been taking ibuprofen for about 2 weeks now but hasn't made much difference.

The whole thing is daily but not constant - the hoarseness comes and goes and so does the pain in the throat and neck :( xx

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I'm sorry you are having pain but am unable to answer and hopefully someone who has had a similar experience will be along soon.

I do hope you feel better quite quickly.


Pennyrose, I think it is very likely to do with a Hashi flare and thyroid but lumps should be checked out and I would call your doctor and see whether she wants to examine the lump and possibly speed up the ultrasound scan.


Thanks Clutter

Was away over the weekend so showed my husband last night who was a bit freaked out. It's like the whole collarbone on my left side is swollen up. I called the GP's who want to see me. Away again with work now so wont be seeing them till Friday. Will keep you posted. x


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