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Medical records

Does anyone know how the new laws re medical records will work I belive I read somewhere it comes in in April will it be all gp,s will we have to signup for it

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Rush, patients are supposed to be able to access their GP records online from April. I imagine some sort of registration will be required to get a secure password. Last time I looked at my GP practice website there was absolutely no mention whatsoever about it.


Thanks clutter

They seem to be keeping details quite I wonder if it's not ready to go global yet my endo seems to have enough trouble looking at results from my own doctor and vice the versa like everything else it's probably only half baked

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here's some info - 21% can - but like Clutter there's nothing on my GP surgery's website



I can and can book appointments ,order prescriptions and read test results.

Very useful.I have an ID and password.


That's good what area are you in


West Yorkshire but no idea whether other nearby practices are online. This system started last September and is presumably what all practices will have to have in place by April.


I can do all this too, but online appointments are few and far apart.


Yes its surprising how far ahead one has to book



My surgery has an online service, which I think maybe what's being discussed here.

At presently my surgery only offers an online self appointment system but I understand it is expected to provide alot more info in the future, including repeat prescriptions and test results.

The system I have seen is called Vision (if I remember correctly). I wonder if all gp's will be using the same system or choose their own. Guess the pc package is still being built in some areas.

Incidentally, sign up to use it is via the gp's surgery and id is required.



Had a look at my gp website nothing on it to let me know what's happing only can book repeat prescriptions


At our surgery we've been making appointments and ordering prescriptions online for quite a while - but no mention of access to medical records. Knowing our GP they probably won't want us to have access to those! :-(


Last week I finally got signed up to Patient Access at my surgery.

I found a well-hidden link on my surgery's website which took me off there and onto the EMIS website. Had to apply online, then got an email saying I had to present my passport (or similar) for identification. Took it in, got a letter with details including password. The instructions were plain wrong - and they hadn't signed me up properly, but only two over-priced calls later, I did get logged in.

My options are ordering repeat prescriptions (which was already available) and making appointments - which I have not yet used. No access to test results, or anything else. So pretty useless at present.

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Have had access for appointments and repeat prescriptions for a long time now - have just applied for my notes in a very simple process but no mention of this online yet :(


Think it is the access to test results (and possibly more) that is supposed to be coming in in April.


you can look up your surgery's services at NHS services -


Online facilities (my surgery)

"Online appointment booking - is available

Order or view repeat prescriptions online - is available

Online access to medical records - is not available

Online access to view test results - is not available

You must be registered with your GP's online service to access the facilities.

Find out more about accessing online services.

Log in to online services (Clicking this link will take you to an external website). "

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