Anyone been given t3/t4 through rheumatology?

Just wondered this?

IVe had such a bad time with my muscles and am probably hypermobile (see rheum next week) but given the fact muscles need t3 (and body builders get it on the black market!) wondered if a rheum might ever suggest it's a idea to try it? The more I look at and experience and consider hypothyroidism treatments the more I think it's more a rheumatology thing than endo.

I'm going to explore it after I'm sure my ferritin, b12 etc are very good and only if I'm still having issues.

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  • Pain can also be due to not sufficient medication. This is a link which may be helpful. Dr Lowe was an Adviser to Thyroiduk but he died about two years ago due to an accident but there is still his helpful info.

    I never had widespread muscle/joint pain until I began levothyroxine. I'm fine now on T3 only and initially felt an improvement when T3 was added to T4. Unfortunately for some reason people cannot get T3 prescribed, even on a trial basis.

  • Thanks shaws, I didn't have enough for a few months last year which is when I think damage was done to muscles etc, then not using them etc. I think the ferritin started to be an issue. But raising dose didn't solve everything, I got worse. Then I think I was on too much for a while which probably didn't help. Sertaline has been a part of it all too, which I'm now off, none for 6 weeks. In fact, I've just started to feel different (skin feels calm and less sensitive) in the last 10 days, started the iron 6 weeks ago too.

    See rheum on weds to check anything else. My pain has mostly been spine, pelvis, ribs, shoulders, but became everywhere too. Tendonitis in wrist but felt like tendons in spine hurt too.

    I can't help feeling t3 wasn't being made some how.

    Does Tsh respond to t4 levels or t3 levels?

  • You could always ask the Rheumy about T3 but he might say you have to see an Endo. My sister and daughter both have R.A. and it is very painful. I hope it is something like 'fibromyalgia' you have rather than R.A. although both are painful.

  • HI Are you sure your calcium and vit d are OK?


  • Hi, spring last year vit d was 68, I got lots of sun in the summer. I was supplementing over autumn but got 25ug drops over Xmas. I started taking two h and b calcium and magnesium tablets last week with the vit d each evening. Haven't had vit d tested since but doubt an issue now.

  • Hi Normally D is for life depending on calcium . calcium must never go over range. If D low then you may also need calcium, check first. If calcium normal just need the D.

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  • Thanks for the heads up on this, might be a thing to discuss with rheum regarding possibility of risk of osteoporosis.

  • Hi I hope you sort it OK.

    Best wishes,


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