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Lab Results on T4 / T3 Compounded

Hi All,

Back with another update and labs! It's been six weeks on compounded T4 / T3. I'm taking 30mcgs T4 and 70mcgs T3 daily in one time-release compounded dose.

Here are the labs:

T4, Free – 0.8 (Normal: 0.76 - 1.44)

T3 Free – 4.0 (Normal: 2.4 - 4.2)

RT3 – 9.7 (Normal: 9.0 - 27.0)

TSH – 2.10 (Normal: 0.52 - 6.25)

My initial reaction is that my RT3 definitely came down – 9.7 from 27! So the protocol has worked. My FT4 is low, but that's expected since I'm taking less in the combo. T3 looks good, higher than it's ever been. TSH is still a tad high, which is surprising. I expected to be more suppressed.

Symptoms – I feel slightly better in some ways, but worse in others. I have gained some weight, or I'm at least retaining more fluid since starting the T3/T4 combo. That is very frustrating, as I hoped to lose weight, not gain. Energy level is unpredictable and I'm often very tired. Definitely still have Hypo symptoms.

My question is: What do I do next? Does symptom relief usually lag behind good labs? If so, how long? Could I use an increase, or a change in dose / ratio levels. More T4, more T3?




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How is your ferritin level? I found that my T3 seamed more effective when my low ferritin level was addressed.

Others will know more to advise you on meds. It’s interesting your results. 🍀


Thanks for the reply. My ferritin seems fine from the same blood test:

Ferritin 126 (Normal: 37 - 400)

I am low in B12 however, and my vit D could use a bump up.


Essential to have good levels of vitamin D, folate, B12 and ferritin, especially on T3


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Could my deficiency in these vitamins be inhibiting the uptake of the T3 I'm taking? I'm on a very high dose, and I don't feel a difference. 70mcgs and I don't feel a thing!

I'm curious what my doctor will say as well. These labs are a bit strange to me, and I still feel hypo.


Yes definitely, good vitamin levels are essential

Many medics have no idea, patients learn the hard way

If you have Hashimoto's (high antibodies) then vitamins are even more likely low

Gluten very intolerance common too.


Does anyone have any thoughts as to why I would still have all my Hypo symptoms with these good of labs? I'm still gaining, still exhausted, and still frustrated.

Does my T4 need to come up?

Now I don't know if I felt better on T4 alone or not. I seem to be "puffier" with the addition of T3. I'm on a high does of T3 (70mcgs time-release) and I don't even feel it!

Any thoughts, opinions, or insights would be greatly appreciated.




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