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Gone Hypo

Hi all,

After being diagnosed with Hashimoto's in November of last year and being continually overactive I have just had the following blood results:

TSH: 73.1 (0.3-6)

FT4: 8.3 (9-24)

(No FT3 yet)

This is quite a difference from my last results 2 months ago:

TSH: <0.1

FT4: 20.7

FT3: 4.1 (3.5-6.5)

I had been feeling very underactive for about 2 weeks after Christmas and New Year but recently I haven't been feeling half as bad - just hard to get motivated, some insomnia and some aches and pains and cold, symptoms not too severe though.

Is my most recent TSH result very high indicating that I am very underactive? I have only just got to grips with the overactive side of things!

I have been taking 20mg of Carbimazole p/day but it's safe to say that won't be continuing now. Totally at a loss!

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Chloe, Your bloods should have been monitored every 4 weeks to avoid this and your Carbimazole titrated down as your TSH rose. Carbimazole is quite powerful and thyroid can react quickly to it. You are overmedicated and this is why your TSH has risen so high. It usually takes 12-18 months on Carbimazole to regulate thyroid before trying for remission. Make sure you have 4 weekly bloods as it is likely your TSH will fall fast now you've stopped Carbimazole and you will probably have to take it again at a lower dose. Ask your GP to refer you to an endo for management.

TSH >20 has been shown to impair driving reactions more than being over the drink limit so please drive with caution.


Thank you Clutter that makes sense to me. I will certainly drive with caution as I didn't know it could impair reactions. Thank you again.


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