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Armour or Erfa?

Sorry, I realise this has been discussed before!

I was put on Erfa Thyroid along with Medrol for adrenal fatigue a year ago, by a doctor trained by Thierry Hertoghe, after ten years on thyroxine only.

Since then, I have had my ups and downs. I seem to do better on the smaller pills of Erfa (30 and 60 mg) than the 125 mg pills; not sure why, though...? I also realise I feel better on 6 mg of Medrol daily than on 4 mg (which I was hoping I'd do well on as I hate the idea of taking a lot of Methylprednisolone....). My hormone doctor says I cannot take hydrocortisone as I tend to retain fluid, and HC will worsen that problem, so Medrol is my only option (Prednisolone/Prednisone is not used for adrenal fatigue, but only for inflammatory disease, according to this doctor).

I have been thinking about asking to try Armour thyroid too, just for the sake of comparison, but I am not sure that would be your opinion, should I stay on Erfa, or ask to try Armour too? In other words, could Armour have any advantage(s) over Erfa? I have read so many negative reviews on Armour since its reformulation, but many also claim it has been working better lately, so it's all pretty confusing...

I seem to need 8 grains of Erfa daily to rid myself of all symptoms.

Erfa contains talc, and I am not sure how safe that is in the long run...

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Just a comment on Erfa which I use. I split the dose to spread out the T3 throughout the day. I've recently found that taking it under the tongue (sublingually) works better for me - this is recommended in 'Stop the Thyroid Madness'. Actually I disolve part of it under my tongue, then swallow what's left, so maybe I'm getting the best of both methods.

Your 8 grains is equivalent to 280mcg T4 + 64mcg T3, according to the conversion given on the ThyroidUK website.

I can't help with the other pills. All the best.


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