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Alternative medicine?

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Has anyone tried alternative medicine eg Acupuncture, Reiki, homeopathy etc, for Hashimotos, and if so what were the results? Thank you

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I've tried the three of them. Acupuncture helped me with depression. Reiki has really calming effects too.

For Hashimoto's the biggest bang for your buck is diet. You have to fix the underlying problem.

Proper thyroid medication can help but does not cure autoimmunity. PR

I should declare that I am a trained (but not practising) homoeopath!

Reiki is very different to Acupuncture and Homoeopathy - although it may well work on the same systems. In my experience it gives some temporary relief, but doesn't usually go very deep.

Acupuncture and homoeopathy seem to both work on the 'vital force' - life force in simple terms. In theory they could both re-tune the life force to work perfectly, but in reality that is rarely the case. If like me you are a believer, then the reason you would tend to go for is that we are constantly bombarded with things that tend to make us ill - pollution, chemicals in our food, medicines, stress. Different people have greater or lesser resistance to all this, but if it makes you ill, you will have your own 'brand' of illness and ours tends to be autoimmune.

In general you need several to many sessions of acupuncture to achieve the change you would get from one homoeopathic consultation. But practitioners know that one affects/interferes with the other, so don't do both at the same time or your practitioner will not be able to evaluate the effect of their treatment.

Of course they don't always work - either through lack of practitioner skill, or because there is something going on that is overriding the healing. The latter is much more likely! Sometimes it works in ways that the patient didn't want, or doesn't like. The very first remedy I had led to me dumping my husband of 20 years! I didn't think I wanted that, bad marriage or not, but it was what I needed!

Fast forward 20 years and I've recently been given a (homoeopathic) remedy that I thought was perfect for me. I was very disappointed to get none of the usual initial euphoria that often comes with a well-chosen remedy having an effect. BUT then I noticed a few weeks later that my very unhealthy relationship with sugar had changed. I haven't binged on sugar or sweets since I had the remedy 6 weeks ago. I haven't felt tempted to buy multipacks of Mars Bars or Creme Eggs and have sometimes gone several days without eating any sugar of any sort. When hubby has brought home sweet offerings I have eaten them without developing raging cravings for more. And I haven't hit the sugar when under stress - which is my personal pattern. So the remedy has worked in ways I hadn't expected, but since sugar binges make me really ill its had a wonderful effect. Its a relatively newly developed remedy, and sugar isn't mentioned in any of the provings, but my homoeopath recognised my issues of belonging and loss which are!

One anecdote doesn't mean its always magical, but I am a very happy bunny.

If you decide to try homoeopathy drop me a line. I know many of the top homoeopaths (I used to work for a major homoeopathic company) and could help you choose someone suitable in your area. PR4NOW is right, diet is really important, but homoeopathy may well ease your dietary path.

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foxglove in reply to Ruthi

Homeopath Wrexham?

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claretsmad in reply to Ruthi

Hi Ruth

Could you pm me some good homeopaths in the Burton on trent/ derby area?


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Beanyjeany, I'm curious to know what it is you are looking for from 'alternative medicine' with regard to hashimotos? Perhaps if you say what you're hoping to achieve, others can relate their own experiences accordingly. :)

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foxglove in reply to RedApple

Do you know of a homeopath in the Wrexham area?

I believe our thoughts and feelings have a strong part to play here. I am convinced that my not learning to use my voice has resulted in my thyroid problems. In addition where there is an auto-immune response, this is because we are not tolerating ourselves, not loving ourselves, so this manifests by the body turning on itself. If we can work on that there has to be improvement.

Read in one book that reflexology is helpful but not tried it. For several years before diagnosed I had a hot spot on my feet especially when out walking. Recently found a diagram of the foot which showed the hot area related to thyroid. Now on 125mcg thyroxine and no more hot spot.

Hello Beanjeany,

So glad you have mentioned this - I will be trying acupuncture and this is why simply - because I have seen the amazing benefits it can bring (I realise this is not the case for everyone as we are all individuals) but firstly my cat has acupuncture for arthiritis in her spine - must be two years now (we tried this because the normal treatment made her very ill and miserable) and It works wonders - it has given her a new lease of life and in a couple of months she will be celebrating her 20th Birthday, and secondly It was recommended by a lady who had an illness that the doctors couldn't help with - and acupuncture almost cured her and she now doesn't have to have any medication or acupuncture - job done.

I don't think acupuncture alone will be the answer for our conditions as their seems to be so many factors, i have had to change lots of things to get to the stage I am at now and I am hoping that acunpunture will be the final piece to the puzzle.

I wish you the best of luck

Best wishes

No alternative therapy is a cure for any illness, however as a Reiki master myself I feel it is more of a complementary therapy and can go alongside conventional medication. Always seek medical advice before embarking on any therapy.

I tried acupuncture, homeopathy, Bach's flowers, colour and light therapy... and some others that I don't know the name for. Cost me a fortune in all!

I loved acupuncture, very relaxing and good for pain, but the relief isn't very long lasting.

Homeopathy I swear by for colds and flu, but did nothing for my Hashi's.

The rest... Pft! No comment! Save your money.

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